Webbing and Wire Rope Product Manufacture

Lifting Gear Direct are not just your usual suppliers of lifting equipment, we repair, inspect, test and maintain it too not only that we also manufacture bespoke lifting equipment for those times when you simply cannot get what you need straight off the shelf. Jib cranes and mobile lifting gantries are our key specialist, custom made products but we also specialise in webbing products, like web slings and cargo straps and wire rope product manufacture.

Bespoke Webbing Product Manufacture

flat web slings

 We have a specialized factory unit with separate clean room which boasts industrial sewing machines and experienced machinists. 

web sling

 We can sew most types of webbing into a wide range of products; the range includes ratchet straps, cam buckle lashings and flat   web slings, round slings, one way lifting slings and wear sleeves. These can all be made to suit your requirements with variations   in width, length, fitting and safe working loads.

 To accommodate a wide range of safe working load limits of our web products we use customized stitch patterns which are   adjusted to ensure they hold the load required. All our stitch patterns have been proof load tested so you can be certain our   webbing products holding the load. We only use quality materials, right down to the special high quality thread we use.

 We can add any fitting you like to any webbing products, we have a massive range of fittings and accessories to choose from   including various kinds of hooks, ratchet handles and cam buckles.

Wire Rope Product Manufacture

wire rope assemblyWithin our factories we have designated areas where wire rope products are manufactured.

We have our own specialist machinery including industrial presses, fuse and taper devices and cutting tools and experienced wire rope riggers to manufacture any wire rope product. We consistently stock a wide range of wire rope constructions in differing diameters as well as a vast range of fittings. So together our factory has everything we need to produce a wire rope assembly which is custom made to your exact requirements.

The range of wire rope products that we produce are vast and varied but include items like crane rope, tow rope, trailer rope, lorry rope, zip wires, garden rope, catenary wire, gym ropes, security cables, wire rope slings and many more. We make special assemblies to suit any bespoke project, so whether you need a 2mm diameter wire rope at 1 metre long with a thimble eye at one end and a fuse and taper the other or a 16mm diameter, 15 meter wire rope with thimbles at each end, we can help.

Our range of wire rope fittings to choose from is diverse and includes fittings such as thimbles, swaged or swageless sockets, turnbuckles and rigging screws, ferrules, grips, or swivel fittings, these can often be combined into a bespoke rigging.

Discussing your requirements

Calling us on 01384 76961 will connect you to one of our advisors/ sales personnel. You can let them know your specific requirements or ask for advice if you are not sure exactly what you need. You will be informed of the total cost including carriage at the time of ordering where a payment can be taken over the phone. If you are local to us or travelling through the area it may be possible to call in and collect you product yourself to save delivery costs and time. Let us know if you wish to do this so that we can ensure your bespoke webbing or wire rope product is ready and waiting.

Emailing us is another way in which you can let us know your details and requirements, we aim to respond a.s.a.p.