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Yale ATEX YLLHP/G Low Headroom Chain Block

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Yale ATEX YLLHP/G Low Headroom Chain Block

The Yale YLLHP/G is ATEX rated and provides protection against sparks which may cause explosions in hazardous areas. This is a major benefit in a number of industries, giving this chain block the ability to be operated safely and effectively without putting workers or property at risk. In addition to the specialised elements of its design, it offers all of the same benefits as standard chain blocks from Yale, such as a high level of durability, straightforward maintenance and cost-effective operation. 

Key Design Points of Yale ATEX YLLHP/G Low Headroom Chain Block

  • ATEX rated; ll 2 GD c llC T5 (zone 1/21 & 2/22)
  • Specially coated unit and trolley.
  • Copper plated top and load hooks.
  • Bronze plain roller.
  • Trolley buffers.
  • Stainless steel hand and load chains.
  • Cooling element in brake. 

Safety Benefits of Yale ATEX Chain Blocks

There are lots of commercial atmospheres in which a standard chain block will not be able to operate safety because of the likelihood that sparks will be created during use. For that reason, an ATEX rated hoist is an essential investment if you want to steer clear of danger. From flammable gasses and vapours to powders and dusts which are combustible by nature, the YLLHP/G hoists will provide the ability to work alongside them without threatening injury, death or property damage. 

It is not just the block itself that is coated with a material that limits the likelihood of sparks being generated. The safety features also extend to the brakes, which are cooled to prevent them interacting with the environment in a hazardous way. Even the trolley on which the hoist is mounted is coated, so the block can be manoeuvred smoothly and safely. 

Practicality of YLLHP/G Low Headroom Chain Block

Aside from its ATEX-compliant features, the obvious selling point of this Yale chain block is its compact design which makes it possible to use in places where headroom is limited. It will sit comfortably on a beam and move freely, with safe working loads up of to 10 tonnes available. 

You may not have need of such a specialised chain block, in which case the models we sell from Tractel, Gunnebo and GT may be of interest.

 Looking for Advice on YLLHP/G Chain Blocks?

For all the info you need on any of Yale’s products, you have come to the right place. Fill out the contact form on our site or call 01384 76961 to chat with our experts about any of the chain blocks, cranes, clamps, accessories and other lifting gear we sell. We can even give you a quote for the inspection services we offer, so get in touch today!


Technical Data


With Push Travel Trolley

ModelCapacity in kg/number of chain fallsSizeBeam flange width b mm Beam flange thickness t max.Min. Curve radius Weight* at standard lift (3m)-P KG Weight* at standard lift (3m) with beam brake-P KG 
YLLH ATEX 500500/1A60-180190.92733
YLLH ATEX 500500/1B180-300190.92734
YLLH ATEX 10001000/1A70-180190.93543
YLLH ATEX 10001000/1B180-300190.93644
YLLH ATEX 20002000/1A82-180191.156169
YLLH ATEX 20002000/1B180-300191.156270
YLLH ATEX 30003000/1A100-180191.5107116
YLLH ATEX 30003000/1B180-300191.4109118
YLLH ATEX 50005000/2A110-180272152162
YLLH ATEX 50005000/2B180-300271.8156166
YLLH ATEX 1000010000/3A125-180401.8On requestOn request
YLLH ATEX 1000010000/3B180-310401.8On requestOn request

With Geared Trolley


ModelCapacity in kg/number of chain fallsSizeBeam flange width b mm Beam flange thickness t max. mm Min. Curve radius mWeight* at standard lift (3m)- G KG Weight* at standard lift (3m) with beam brake- G KG 
YLLH ATEX 500500/1A60-180190.93138
YLLH ATEX 500500/1B180-300190.93238
YLLH ATEX 10001000/1A70-180190.94048
YLLH ATEX 10001000/1B180-300190.94149
YLLH ATEX 20002000/1A82-180191.156573
YLLH ATEX 20002000/1B180-300191.156775
YLLH ATEX 30003000/1A100-180191.5112121
YLLH ATEX 30003000/1B180-300191.4114123
YLLH ATEX 50005000/2A110-180272157167
YLLH ATEX 50005000/2B180-300271.8161171
YLLH ATEX 1000010000/3A125-180401.8230On request 
YLLH ATEX 1000010000/3B180-310401.8232On request 


A min,mm188211264316425565
F (geared), mm929291107150150
I (pushed),mm727296131143170
I (geared), mm777798133149170
P (geared),mm108110112112117165
T (area A),mm280290305320364440
T (area B),mm 400410425440484540