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Yale CPA-HD Heavy Duty Air Hoist

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Yale CPA-HD Heavy Duty Air Hoist

This CPA heavy duty air hoist  is available with lifting capacities from 2000kg up to 10000kg.

4 to 6 bar operating pressure.

Planetary gearbox (oil bath lubricated)

5 sprocket load sheave chain

High starting torque

low noise emission

Available with push, manual or pneumatic integral trolley.

Technical Data


CPA 20-8 Air Chain HoistCPA 30-6 Air Chain HoistCPA 40-4 Air Chain HoistCPA 50-3 Air Chain HoistCPA 60-3 Air Chain HoistCPA 75-2 Pneumatic Chain HoistCPA 100 Air Chain Hoist
Description2/1t 3m HOL Indir. Control w. Top Hook3/1t 3m HOL Indir. Control w. Top Hook4/2t 3m HOL Indir. Control w. Top Hook5/2t 3m HOL Indir. Control w. Top Hook6/2t 3m HOL Indir. Control w. Top Hook7,5t 3m HOL w. Indirect Control10t 3m HOL Indir. Control
Weight suspension hook (kg)121121140140140  
Weight geared trolley (kg)188188206206206  
Number of chain falls1122234
Capacity top layer by nominal load (m/min)7.463.73.4323.4
Lifting speed without load (m/min)9.99.95553.35
Lowering speed with rated load (m/min)11135.566.54.36
Motor power, (kW)2,63,22,63,03,23,22x3,0
Capacity (kg)234567.5 10
Weight pneumatic trolley (kg)199199218218218  
Weight push trolley (kg)184 184 202 202 202   


ModelCPA 20-8CPA 30-6CPA 40-4CPA 50-3CPA 60-3CPA 75-2CPA 100
A (mm)5165166816816819501068
A1 (mm)286286428428428479651
A2 at 13m (mm)430430430430430530530
A2 at 21m (mm)530530530530530855965
A4 (mm)465465615615615477425
A5 (mm)298298298298298182182
A6 (mm)1901901901901906060
B (mm)3535454547125125
b (A) from (mm)9898989898310310
b (A) to (mm)18018018018018052125
b (B) from (mm)18018018018018040310
b (B) to (mm)3003003003003004552
C (mm)373746464211340
D (mm)242430303016045
F (mm)150150150150150165113
F1 (mm)160160160160160220160
F2 (mm)165165165165165268165
G (mm)220220220220220345581
G2 at 13m (mm)258258218218218307408
G2 at 21m (mm)278278238238238115110
H1 (mm)110110110110110130256
H2 (mm)13513513513513592115
H3 (mm)11511511511511562130
I (mm)142.5142.5142.5142.5142.520092
K1 (mm)10010010010010026562
K2 (mm)5151515151215200
L1 (mm)209209209209209291265
L3 (mm)265265265265265139215
L2 (mm)262.5262.5262.5262.5262.5136291
L4 (mm)213213253253253150181
L6 (mm)315315275275275208291
L5 (mm)312312272272272284150
M (mm)50509.69.69.6272208
N (mm)6060100100100325284
O (mm)12512512512512598272
P (mm)20820820820820840325
P1 (mm)28428428428428427098
Q1 (mm)272272272272272 40
Q2 (mm)325325325325325 270
S (mm) + b (mm)7070707070  
t inside (mm)2727272727  
T1 size A (mm)182182182182182  
T1 size B (mm)242242242242242