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Yale CPE/F Electric Hoist with Integrated Trolley

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Yale CPE/F Electric Hoist with Integrated Trolley

Combining the benefits of the CPE/F range with added manoeuvrability, this Yale trolley hoist is a convenient, well equipped package for all your lifting needs. Built with quality components and durable enough to take on heavy duty jobs, it is a safe and productive product from a recognised brand.  

The CPE/F comes with its own integral trolley system. 

Key Benefits of the CPE/F Trolley Hoist

·         The hoist specifications and optional extras are the same as for the stand alone CPE/F models for which you can find all the information on here.

·         Push travel and electrically powered travel trolley's are available.

·         3 electric travel trolley models are available to suit various capacities up to 10000kg and beam flange widths (see table below) 

·         Single or dual speed available 

·         trolley travel speeds = single speed at 11m/min; dual speed at 11/2.8 m/min at 50Hz 

·         chain containers available 

·         All requirements, standards and regulations are met. 

Incorporating a trolley with your electric hoist can speed up operations greatly and allow the safe moving of heavy loads across a beam. 

Yale CPE/F Electric Hoist Features Explained

At the heart of the Yale hoist range is a cutting-edge motor that is rated to meet IP54 standards for protection against dust and liquid splashes. This means that using a CPE/F model in an environment where dirt, debris and water are likely to be encountered is not going to compromise the operation of integral components. Furthermore the engine’s failsafe braking system means that in the event of a power outage, the load will still be held firmly. 

The gearbox, which is included as standard, is lubricated in an oil bath. This allows for slick, uninterrupted performance throughout the life of the hoist. It is one of the reasons that these hoists are so easy to maintain and affordable to run, like many of our other hoisting products

Another standard inclusion is the zinc-plated link chain, but buyers have the option to specify a stainless steel load chain. This not only looks good and performs well, but is also resistant to corrosion and will be easy to replace when the time comes. 

Finally with an IP65-compliant pendant control included, it is simple to manage the CPE/F hoist models at the touch of a button.  

Yale Trolley Hoist Options

The trolley system is straightforward to use, whether you choose a manual push travel model or an electric unit. 

The push travel trolleys are light and efficient, even if they require a bit of physical force to use. Meanwhile the electric travel trolleys take a lot of the effort out of handling larger payloads. The hoist is directly integrated with the beam, which allows it to operate smoothly and also boost safety levels. The second electric motor which drives this system is just as capable as the one controlling the chain. 

Yale Electric Trolley Hoist Assistance

If you need any help in choosing the best electric hoist and trolley system to suit your needs please give our team a call, they have much knowledge and can advise you on the best lifting equipment for your lifting requirements. Our contact number is 01384 76961, or you can email us today to find out more about the products we sell.


Technical Data

ModelCapacity in kg/number of chain fallsChain dimensions d x p (mm)Classification FEM/ISOLifting speed       main lift m/minLifting speed fine lift m/minHoist Motor (kW)Motor Rating ED%
CPE 16-81600/111 x 311Am/M48 2.340
CPE/F 16-81600/111 x 311Am/M4822.3/0.5840/20
CPE 20-82000/111 x 311Bm/M38 2.825
CPE/F 20-82000/111 x 311Bm/M3822.8/0.725/15
CPE 25-52500/111 x 311Am/M45 2.340
CPE/F 25-52500/111 x 311Am/M451.252.3/0.5840/20
CPE 30-53000/111 x 311Bm/M35 2.825
CPE/F 30-53000/111 x 311Bm/M351.252.8/0.725/15
CPE 32-43200/211 x 311Am/M44 2.340
CPE/F 32-43200/211 x 311Am/M4412.3/0.5840/20
CPE 40-44000/211 x 311Bm/M34 2.825
CPE/F 40-44000/211 x 311Bm/M3412.8/0.725/15
CPE 50-25000/211 x 311Am/M42.5 2.340
CPE/F 50-25000/211 x 311Am/M42.50.62.3/0.5840/20
CPE 75-1.67500/311 x 311Am/M41.6 2.840
CPE/F 75-1.67500/311 x 311Am/M41.60.42.8/0.5840/20
CPE 100-210000/411 x 311Am/M42.5 2x2.340
CPE/F 100-210000/411 x 311Am/M42.50.62x2.3/0.5840/20


Capacity (KG)SizeBeam flange width b (mm)Beam flange thickness t max. (mm)Curve radius min. (m)Electric trolley travel speed m/min at 50 HzElectric trolley motor kW at 50 Hz 
1600-5000A98-18027211 or 11/2.80.37 or 0.3/0.09
1600-5000B180-300271.811 or 11/2.80.37 or 0.3/0.09
7500-10000B125-310401.85 or 5/1.250.55 or 0.55/0.12



A, mm5165165165166816816819501068
A1, mm286286286286428428428479651
A2 (13m), mm430430430430430430430  
A2 (21m), mm 530530530530530530530530555
B, mm353535354545456060
C, mm373737374646465252
D, mm2424242430303040/4540/45
E, mm24242424242424  
F1, mm160160160160160160160160160
F2, mm178178178178178178178178178
G, mm220220220220220220220220 
G1, mm180180180180140140140268315
G2 (13m), mm257257257257218218218  
G2 (21m), mm277277277277238238238345408
H1, mm110110110110110110110110135
H2, mm135135135135135135135307256
K1, mm1001001001001001001009292
K2, mm515151515151516262
M, mm50505050101010138 
N, mm84848484124124124136390
Q1, mm280280280280280280280280280
Q2 (CPE), mm362362362362362362362362362
Q2 (CPEF), mm417417417417417417417417417