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Yale RPA Pneumatic Winch

Yale RPA Pneumatic Winch

The RPA wire rope winch is pneumatic and powered by a compressed air supply, ideal when manually operated models or electric models are not an option.
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About the Yale RPA Pneumatic Winch 

One of the many Yale products we stock at Lifting Gear Direct, the RPA is a pneumatic winch that packs a punch in a variety of settings, sitting in amongst our electric and manual winches to give you the ultimate in terms of choice as well as value for money. 


Design & benefits

The compact cube design and universal rope lead offs enable lifting, pulling and positioning in practically any position.

With pulling forces of between 250 & 500 daN and 100% duty rating this winch is suitable for heavy duty applications.

Not suceptible to humidity, or ingress of contaminants.

Key Features of the Yale RPA Pneumatic Winch:

  • High starting torque rotating piston motor
  • 4-6 bar operating pressure
  • spring pressure disc brake
  • sensitive control due to the directly acting valves in the control.

There are various optional extras avaiable including:

Extended drum designs to allow for a longer rope;

Grooves for exact reeling with seperation web & 2nd rope outlet to enable working with 2 ropes and traversing operations;

Control including 2.5m hose & air coupler and corrosion proof models;

Winch options

If you are considering ordering a winch from LGD but are unsure of which model is right for you, it makes sense to consider the context in which you intend to use it. 

Our electric winches, including the Yale RPE, are effective in scenarios where you have access to a mains power supply. Meanwhile if you are looking for a more compact, portable option then a manual winch could suit. 

The Yale RPA slots in between these two types, delivering the pulling power of an electric winch with the convenience of a manual winch, allowing it to cater to fairly specific operations. 

Of course as an LGD customer you also have a huge number of other lifting equipment options at your disposal, with WLLs ranging from a few hundred kilos to tens of tonnes. It is this level of choice which gives us the edge as a supplier, as well as our competitive pricing on products from the biggest brands. 

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Model A B C DTR D max DA E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S ?1? ?2? ?3? β1? β2? β3?
RPA 2-13 405 375 18 76 104 150 336 210 260 290 11 250 125 6 33 194 19 13 125 4 130 90 20 150 70 60
RPA 5-6 405 375 18 76 104 150 336 210 260 290 11 250 125 6 33 194 19 13 125 6 130 90 20 150 70 60


Yale RPA Pneumatic Winch

MODEL Pulling Force in upper layer  Lifting Speed with rated load Lifting speed without load* Lowering Speed with rated load Rope Diameter   Useable Rope Length                                per layer in metres Weight
  daN m/min m/min m/min mm 1st 2nd 3rd 4th kg
RPA 2-13 250 13.6 20 22 4 11.2 24.4 38.8 54.5 36.7
RPA 5-6 500 6.9 10 11 6 7 16.4 27 38.8 36.7