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Yalelift 360 Chain Block with Integrated Trolley

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Tel: 01384 76961

Yalelift 360 Chain Block with Integrated Trolley

The Yalelift 360 Chain Block with Integrated Trolley provides even more flexibility due to the combination of the Yalelift 360 and a trolley. The versatility of the controls is complemented by the productivity offered by this integrated trolley system. There are various models in this range, offering different load capacities and beam width compatibilities. If you need more specialised manual chain hoists, browse our full range and use the contact details below to get in touch. 

Yalelift 360 Chain Block with Integrated Trolley Vital Statistics

  • Available with either a push travel trolley or a geared trolley. 
  • The Yalelift ITP comes with a push travel trolley and comes in 5 models ranging from 500kg to 5000kg WLL. 
  • The Yalelift ITG comes with a geared trolley and is available in 7 models with WLL from 500kg up to 20000kg.
  • Easy trolley assembly.
  • The majority of models come in 2 sizes to suit the 2 main beam widths. 
  • Trolley wheels suitable for a maximum beam profile incline of 14%. 
  • Pre-lubricated, encased ball bearings guarantee its excellent rolling operation. 
  • Anti-tilt and anti-drop devices fitted as standard. 

Yalelift 360 Chain Block with Integrated Trolley Benefits

This all-encompassing assembly is a good investment for anyone who needs a Yalelift 360 chain block and also requires a slick, stable trolley system to add to their order. It combines a safe, efficient hoist with a market-leading trolley that will roll smoothly along compatible beams and make moving heavy loads straightforward. Stop worrying about the slow pace of your lifting and start becoming more productive with the help of this impressive assembly built by Yale. 

Yalelift 360 Chain Block with Integrated Trolley Add-Ons


Adjustable overload prevention device; stainless steel load & hand chains; chain container; rubber buffers; beam locking device to secure in a fixed position. 

All of these extras bring something new to the table. Lifting safety can be boosted thanks to the overload prevention device, the adjustability of which gives you the freedom to set a limit you think is most suitable. A chain container will keep the chain out of the way and tidy when it is not in use. A beam locking device will set the position of the hoist and ensure that it does not move unnecessarily or unexpectedly. Like the custom lifting gear we sell, this gives you more choice when buying a manual chain block. 

Consider All Chain Block Options

The Yalelift 360 chain block is just one of the many high quality pieces of equipment you can find here at Lifting Gear Direct. Our site is also home to products made by Raptor, Kito and a host of other highly respected suppliers. If you need lifting equipment inspection services, we can send an expert out to check that your kit is compliant with regulations. 

Ask us about Yale Chain Blocks

Choosing the right chain hoist and trolley combination can be a tricky business, which is why the Lifting Gear Direct team is here to offer up expert advice. To get in-depth guidance, or for a quote, call 01384 76961 or ask a question via email and we will respond with minimum 

Technical Data

You can find the specs for the Yalelift 360 chain block here.

ITP Trolley

Capacity (WLL) KGFalls of load chain Lifting height MTRBeam width Closed height (mm)Weight (KG)
   Type A (mm)Type B (mm)  (A)(B)

ITG Trolley

Capacity (WLL) KGFalls of load chain Lifting height MTRBeam width Closed height (mm)Weight (KG)
   Type A (mm)Type B (mm)  (A)(B)


ModelYLIT 500YLIT 1000YLIT 2000YLIT 3000YLIT 5000YLIT 10000
A min,mm245272323382550784
F (geared), mm929291107149.5113
I (Pushed),mm71.571.595.5131142.5169
I (Geared), mm76.576.598132.5148.5169
P (geared),mm108110112112117158
T (area A), mm280290305320364/
T (area B), mm 400410425440484540