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Quality assurance

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Quality Assurance Policy

Quality Assurance

Lifting Gear Direct Ltd was established to provide lifting gear and lifting equipment to the lifting and material handling industry. We have gained a reputation for ourselves within the industry due to the services that we provide, the speediness at which we operate and, above all, the quality and safety that we guarantee with all of our products and services.  

When ordering from Lifting Gear Direct, all of our customers can be assured of only the very best quality, both in the equipment that you receive and the process that is undergone. Whether this is offering you valuable and impartial information on the right products for you, delivering your lifting equipment to you swiftly, or carrying out routine maintenance and repairs, we strive to achieve perfect customer satisfaction every time.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide you, our valued customers, with products and services that not only meet your expectations but exceed them each and every time.

We take quality assurance seriously at Lifting Gear Direct Ltd  

The quality assurance process that our products undergo

Many of the pieces of lifting gear and lifting equipment that we stock are manufactured by our expert team on-site using our own facilities, and so we are able to manage the quality of our products from start to finish. We rigorously test and inspect all of our equipment before offering it to customers, so the quality of our lifting gear and lifting equipment can be guaranteed.  

For lifting equipment that we do not manufacture ourselves, we make sure to stock and supply only the very best items on the market from well-known brand leaders such as Gunnebo, Camlok, and Yale. These companies undergo their own quality assurance processes, but we too make sure to inspect all equipment once it enters our warehouses, again so we can be assured of quality before we offer it to our customers.  

Services, maintenance, and repairs

All equipment no matter the industry, will wear down with use and age. We offer regular site and equipment inspections, services, maintenance, and repairs to ensure that we keep your equipment of the highest quality possible and working to the best of its ability.  

If and when your lifting gear and lifting equipment begins to reach its end date, we will be on hand at Lifting Gear Direct Ltd to advise you on a new quality assured piece of equipment.

Rules, regulations, standards, and laws that we comply with

We ensure that we comply with, and are extremely knowledgeable on, all necessary lifting gear standards and regulations. Such standards include BS2853/BS2573, and you can find the relevant standards that we comply to under each product listing. Alongside this, our products are CE marked a further assurance of quality.   

We are also knowledgeable with the necessary rules and laws when it comes to lifting operations, particularly the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER), so we can reliably educate and inform you on how to safely lift and lower loads.  

Other assurances that we provide

As well as quality assurance, we also offer other promises when it comes to the work that we do at Lifting Gear Direct Ltd and the relationships that we manage with our customers. For our assurances with copyright and privacy, please read our Copyright Statement and Cookies & Privacy Policy.  

Getting in contact with Lifting Gear Direct Ltd

Should you have any questions about our quality assurance processes, or feel that the quality of the goods or services that you received did not match your expectations, then please do get in contact with us so that we can treat it as a matter of urgency.