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Buy Scaffold Hoists & Winches for Construction Jobs

Do you work in construction? Looking for a scaffold winch or hoist? Get your tools and building materials up to high levels quickly and safely with one from our very own range.

Here at Lifting Gear Direct, we stock a wide variety of these construction hoists, sometimes referred to as a winch, together with related accessories. We cater for the needs of construction workers throughout the UK with structures from Imer and TEA L'Europea.

There are numerous model choices with the TEA HE235  being one of our best sellers. You can also buy Imer hoists along with a great selection of accessories for hoisting up your materials easily. So if you need a structure like these you have come to the right place, we have builders gantry hoists available too for when these platforms are not available.

Scaffold Crane System


About Scaffold Crane Systems The track used in this scaffold runway crane sys..


TEA HE 235 Scaffold Hoist


Designed with care and built using excellent materials and components, the HE 23..


L'Europea HE 200 Scaffold Hoist


 The HE 200 model is complete with pendant control & Scaffolding Bracke..

HE 200 Veloce Scaffold Winch


HE 200 Veloce Scaffold Winch Features Just like the HE 150 Veloce this is a tri..

L'Europea HE 150 Veloce Scaffold Winch


 Thanks to its 33 metre per minute average lifting speed, it can outpace it..

Imer ETR200 N Scaffold Winch


Features of the Imer ETR200 N Scaffold Winch One of the main features of this s..

IMER TR 225N Scaffold Winch


Benefits of the IMER TR 255N Scaffold Winch This special pole helps to even out..

IMER ET 200N Scaffold Winch


 It is also simple to set up and use, which is good news for those who are ..

IMER ES 150N Scaffold Winch


 Remember that if this model is not right for you, we stock other scaffold ..

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Scaffold Hoists

Why Use a Scaffold Winch?

Carrying tools and materials up a tower framework is no easy task as you really need your two hands to climb up the ladders safely. What's more, the items you need at a high lever are often either too large, too heavy or both. Due to the fact that most building sites incorporate these towers frameworks to enable workers to gain safer access to the upper levels of the build, a hoist or winch makes an ideal lifting companion.

Loads can be quickly and effortlessly lifted to whatever level required at the touch of a button. No manual strain is needed, other than for attaching the load to the structure. Consequently there will be an uptick in productivity due to the speed of materials being moved around. There will also likely be fewer muscle strains and back pulls so less time off is taken by your workers. Therefore choosing to use one of these structures is a very cost efficient move.

Scaffold Hoists Options

This type of structure provides efficient lifting power, as well as designs which are attuned to outdoor operations. Of course they will require a support tower so that they can be attached to one of the poles.

There are two key types of structures in this genre; The standard hoist or a winch, both fit and work a little differently although essentially do the same job. Your choice will depend on multiple factors so read on to find out more on each type. There is a third type of system for tower platform systems and that it the scaffold crane system; a lightweight runway track fixes horizontally across the poles to which a hoist can be mounted, thus creating a mini overhead crane.

Using a Hoist

scaffold hoist

These are powered lifting hoists that is attached to a small framework which then attached to a support pole via two special clamps. Once attached the frame is able to pivot around the pole to enable precise positioning of the structure and easier unloading at the top. The structure cantilevers over the buildings edge, sometimes at various extensions if the arm of the framework is adjustable.

These structures are usually taken up the tower structure to where loads are repeatedly needed which may be a little tricky but once set up the benefits are pretty big.

There is much more choice for these structures rather than the winches with many models available from both TEA L'Europea and Imer.


Using a Winch

scaffold winch

A winch is set up differently from the standard hoist. The main body with the motor (the heaviest and largest part) stays on the ground. Only the loading hook and small frame is taken to the height you need to lift too. The load hook passes through the frame which clamps to a pole. So, the wire rope containing the loading hook extends out from the main unit on the ground. It reaches all the way up to the frame extension where it passes through the pulleys and then goes back down to the ground.

The rope length on these winches is about 80 or 100 metres, therefore a lifting height of approximately 40 or 50 meters is attainable.

The key advantage to this type is that you don't have to lug the heaviest part up high. There are only a few choices in this newer winch option. From TEA / L'Europea there is the HG200 which can lift the highest or the MP200, both have 200kg lifting capacities. From Imer there is the AP150 with a 150kg capacity.

Using a Scaffold Crane Runway System

scaffold runway crane system

A more recent design development, the crane runway system could prove to be essential in big constructions.

The lightweight track comes in various lengths of 3 or 6 metres and multiple lengths can be connected to span the entire length of the staging tower. The connection clamps are extremely robust yet are quick to install with additional joint supports available. There is a choice of trolley systems to fit the special track so that you can suspend your chosen hoisting system from it easily.

The track will extend out over the edge so loads can be lifted free and clear of the tower and building. Once up to level the load can be moved across the length of the runway track and off-loaded wherever required.

This system is ideal for larger / longer buildings although can be used on smaller projects if you wish.


Lifting Gear Direct is the best place to find lifting accessories of all types, from shackles and swivel eye bolts to snatch blocks and beyond. 

To get even more out of your hoist or winch, why not invest in one of our excellent lifting slings? These can be used to handle loads of many types, with chain slings and fibre rope slings sitting happily alongside one another in our range. We even have round slings and wear sleeves which can compliment specific operations and limit the friction that occurs during lifting.

Safety measures

With high quality hoists and winches supplied by Lifting Gear Direct you can expect that the built in systems designed to improve lifting safety will be capable of limiting the likelihood of accidents occurring. However, all the preventative measures in the world will be meaningless unless you are also committed to operating the equipment in a safe way. 

Establishing safe lifting practices is important for a number of reasons, not least because incidents and injuries are a persistent risk in commercial environments. Downtime caused by avoidable hiccups can cost your business money and reduce trust in the organisation amongst employees and customers alike. When using a  winch, it is, therefore, vital to adhere to strict protocols and ensure that load limits are never exceeded, no matter what. 

If you are not well versed in the kinds of features, capabilities and limitations that these winches have to offer, it is sensible to seek out the assistance of specialists who know exactly how to provide advice on this issue. 

This is not just about ensuring safety, but also about avoiding a situation in which the structure you choose is far too powerful to be justified by the work you have in mind. Lifting Gear Direct has a lot of experience in this area and will be the best place to both buy structural equipment and also learn more about the ins and outs of each product and manufacturer operating in this category. 

Get Help

Further information can also be obtained by completing our rapid enquiry form. So if you are in need of a hoist, please do not hesitate. Get in touch today! You can even speak to someone on the phone by calling 01384 76961. Our friendly, experienced team will not let you down!


What is a scaffold hoist?

These structures are a special type of electric lifting hoist that fits onto a pole on a  tower staging structure. Typically used on construction sites to lift materials up to the different heights of the building construction level.

What is the difference between a hoist and a winch?

The hoist type is attached to a pole high up the platform tower, the load hook is dropped to ground level for load attachment ready to be raised. With a  winch the main unit sits on the ground and therefore operated from ground level. It is the load hook that is taken to the top of the staging and passed through a pulley then back to the ground for loading and lifting.

What is a scaffold crane system?

A crane system for a construction platform tower consists of a lightweight runway beam which can be clamped onto poles. A compatible structure of your choosing can then be attached for lifting loads. This system creates an easy to use complete craning system on building sites.

What types of accessories are there?

Accessories can greatly enhance the usability of your hoist or winch. We have a huge range from brick baskets, wheelbarrow slings, tipping buckets and bucket carriers to pole extensions, window props and complete liftable wheelbarrows.

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