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Scaffold Hoists & Gantry Hoists

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 Here at Lifting Gear Direct, we stock a wide variety of scaffold hoists, as well as related accessories, catering for the needs of construction workers throughout the UK. These hoists provide efficient lifting power, as well as designs which are attuned to outdoor operations. Read on to discover all about the products we sell in this category, the brands that are available and the versatility that this lifting equipment brings to the table. 

Varied Scaffold Hoist Options 

This genre of lifting equipment we supply comes from the leading manufacturers including Imer & T.E.A. These quality hoisting devices conform to all necessary standards, so you can be assured of excellent reliability.  

We also supply a great little mini winch which is only for inside use, this is perfect for gymnasiums or theatres for example for scenery and/or lighting placement. Health and safety is just as important in the creative industries as anywhere else. This means that it is important to pick a scaffold hoist that meets or exceeds the standards that are expected, which is precisely what we offer in the form of this mini winch.  

Further Scaffold Hoist Info 

We are able to provide full specifications for each model, covering motor type, engine power, frequency, voltage and a range of other information.

Product descriptions for all of our scaffold & gantry hoists, as well as the related accessories, are available to view online by clicking through the relevant page links below.  

Imer Scaffold Hoists / Builders Hoist 

Imer scaffold hoistsThe range of scaffold hoists from Imer is made up of a number of models, each of which has its own features and capabilities.  

First up is the ES 150N, which can lift loads at speeds of up to 19 metres per minute and is equipped with a 31 metre wire rope which makes it great for working at height. It has a host of other benefits to offer, including a payload capacity of 150kg, a durable IP65 rated control pendant to combat adverse environments and a self-braking motor that ensures safety.  

Next is the ET 200N, which has a 200kg load limit, a design that lends itself to outdoor use at construction sites and a high cycle rate to make lifting building equipment and materials fast and straight forward.  

Finally the TR 255N scaffold hoist ups the ante with its resilient telescopic framework, its surprisingly quiet motor and its versatile operational capabilities.  

T.E.A. L’Europea Scaffold Hoists TEA scaffold hoist

Another respected line up of scaffold hoists is provided by T.E.A, bringing you yet more flexibility when choosing the right lifting gear for the job.  

The HE 200 is an exceptionally versatile hoist assembly because of its radio control system, providing 200kg of capacity with the option to activate its lifting remotely. It still comes with a control pendant, but it can still be used effectively even if this is not within reach of the operator.  

The HE 235 scaffold hoist comes with its own brackets which make it simple to affix to an already erected scaffolding pole. It has an average lifting speed of 23 metres per minute, a capacity of 200kg and a reliable single phase motor which will not let you down during high cycle operations.  

The HE 150 is a smaller hoist with a 150kg load limit, an incredibly sturdy 4mm steel cable that measures 40 metres in length and a supremely powerful 1000W engine that can reel in loads at up to 33 metres per minute.  

The standard HE 200 does not come with the radio control capabilities of its stable mate, but still has a lot to offer thanks to its 200kg capacity, resilient 25 metre steel cable and unfussy, easy to master pendant controls.  

Scaffold Hoist Mini Winch Range 

mini winchAnother product you will find in the line up of hoists and hoisting equipment here at Lifting Gear Direct is the compact yet capable mini winch.  

While the other hoists mentioned so far have been built to take on heavy duty work in outdoor environments, where wet weather can be expected, the mini winch is designed for indoor applications.  

It has a max lift height of 20 metres, a modest lifting speed of 12 metres per minute and solid yet not quite class-leading IP20 protection rating.  

Operating the mini winch is uncomplicated thanks to the pendant control unit. Its name might make you assume that it has a low load capacity, but this is not the case. In fact it can work effectively with loads weighing up to 250kg, which is an impressive feat for a hoist of this size.  


Building and construction sites nearly always have scaffolding ; this allows the use of scaffold hoists for transporting materials to different levels of the build, however, when scaffolding isn’t available a scaffold hoist cannot be used and so a gantry hoist is used instead. 

Gantry Hoists Explainedgantry hoists

Gantry hoists are specialist electric hoisting systems which attach to a special gantry frame. They are commonly used on building sites for new builds, building reconstruction work and maintenance work, and also in other areas where there is no scaffolding to enable the use of a scaffold hoist, but materials still need to be lifted and lowered to varying heights. 

The gantry frame can be positioned so that is overhangs the side of the building with the hoist attached to the overhanging edge. The gantry frame uses ballast boxes at the rear in order to counterbalance the weight, the ballast boxes can be filled with suitable materials exceeding the combined weight of the hoist and load to be lifted. We can supply gantry frames and ballast boxes to suit lifting capacities of 300kg, 500kg & 800kg. 

There are a few hoists in the IMER range, and if you are interested in more products from this respected manufacturer we also sell scaffold hoists with different specifications and features. We can also supply the range of L’Europea gantry hoist models manufactured by TEA to consider, accounting for almost every conceivable size you might expect from lifting equipment of this type. Here is a breakdown of the hoists you can find on the LGD site. 

Gantry Hoist Accessories & Add-Ons

We have a range of accessories to further compliment our range of gantry hoists including a range of buckets and bucket carriers and wheelbarrow chains, you can see the full range of accessories for scaffold and gantry hoists here

Browse the full LGD Range 

Scaffold hoists like these have a fairly specific application within the construction sector, but we also sell lifting equipment that is adapted to suit tasks in a range of other business environments. From manual chain hoists that are perfect for workshops to the accessories that go along with varied lifting uses, you are sure to find something to meet your needs.  

We can even inspect lifting equipment and make sure that it is up to code. As a result you can keep your scaffold hoist system in good working order long after it has been delivered and installed.  

Considering Lifting Gear Options

Lifting building materials, equipment and even people will be necessary in a number of different construction scenarios. It is vital to choose the right kit for the job, whether it be a scaffold hoist, gantry hoist or other contemporary product. We stock height safety equipment and supplies that will also be an important investment to go along with your electronic or manual lifting gear. 

It is sensible to think carefully about both the load capacity and speed of operation that a given hoist can deliver. Choosing the largest, most powerful model is not always the best option, especially if you will only be using it for much lighter lifting tasks. 

Get Help with our Scaffold Hoists and gantry hoists

Further information can also be obtained by completing our rapid enquiry form. So if you are in need of a scaffold hoist, please do not hesitate. Get in touch today! You can even speak to someone on the phone by calling 01384 76961. Our friendly, experienced team will not let you down!



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