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Special Lifting Bags

Specialist Lifting Bag collection for handling specific load types

The collection of specialist lifting bags available at Lifting Gear Direct contains solutions for lifting certain loads. Box type bags, rucksacks for lifting, lifting cradles, gas bottle bags and Spanset grabba bags are all available within this range.

Cylinder Lifting Bag – NCLB


About Cylinder Lifting Bags Designed with gas bottles in mind, although lots..

Pafbag Gas Bottle Lifting Bags


About Pafbag Gas Bottle Lifting Bags Storing and transporting compressed gas ..

Lidded Box Type Lifting Bag with Pallet Feet Option - CLB


About the CLB Box Type Lifting Bag There are 10 different sizes of the CLB..

Pafbag Box Type Lifting Bags


Key Features Of Pafbag Box Lifting Bags These box lifting bags are similar to..

Grabba Lifting Bags - Spanset


About Spanset Grabba Lifting Bags These lifting bags are made by Spanset.They..

Pafbag Lifting Cradle Sling System


About Pafbag Lifting Cradle Sling Systems There are times when you need to li..

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The Different Types Of Special Lifting Bags

These are lifting bags to help to solve specific lifting issues.

Lifting Cradles

The lifting cradles you see here are essentially a special set of inter-connected lifting slings which have been designed for lifting solid loads. Originally made for lifting peli-cases these cradles can be used for many types of hard cases which are ideal for protecting delicate loads.

In general there is one vertical ring sling and one horizontal ring sling which incorporate adjustable buckles. The quick fit adjustable buckles to ensure the load can be secured quickly and held tightly. Equally they are quick to release to unload the object.

Rucksack Lifting Bags

This type of backpack liftingbag has a roll top closure with quick fit buckles for total security. They have the bonus of adjustable rucksack style shoulder straps to enable your kit to be carried on your back but can also be lifted by other means, i.e. hoisting personal tools/laptop to the roof of a construction site. There is a special rucksack for engineers and one for technicians as well as a generic one.

Box Lifting Bags

These box type lifting bags are perfect for delicate loads as they have four solid sides, provided by the tri-wall construction with added rigid plastic sheets. The lid also incorporates a rigid plate whilst the base is protected by a hard tray. These bags can also be used for semi-solid liquids like sludge. 58 & 152 litre options are available.

Gas Bottle Lifting Bags

Our selection of gas bottle lifting bags incorporates all the key features of our lifting bag range with some additional features for extra safety. Whether full or empty you can lift and move your gas cylinders easily. We can supply a wide range of sizes right up to 80 litre gas bottle lifting bags.

Spanset Grabba Bags

There are 3 bags in this range, The SWL's are 75kg, 125kg & 250kg. Each bag is round and has a roll top and buckle for its closure. This provides a water resistant seal and will contain spillages as well as providing temporary buoyancy . Ideal for marine locations.

Other Standard Lifting Bags

Besides this special range of lifting bags Lifting Gear Direct can offer a vast collection of standard type lifting bags. Open top, closed top, and a range of lifting bags for the construction industry are all available so compare the full range to find your ideal heavy duty lifting bag. If you need any other types of lifting equipment for your operation then its easy to navigate our website where you will find everything you need from cranes and hoists to slings, pulleys and shackles.


What are the types of specialist lifting bags?

The range of special lifting bags includes box type bags, lifting cradle systems, gas bottle bags, liftable rucksacks and grabba bags.

Why should I use a gas bottle lifting bag?

Gas cylinder lifting bags enable these awkward objects to be lifted and transported safely with minimal effort, whilst still enabling them to be used whilst still in the bag thanks to the ventilation system.

What type of gas cylinders can be used with a gas bottle lifting bag?

There are numerous sizes of gas bottle lifting bags to choose from so matching up your cylinder size to an appropriately sized bag shouldn't be a problem. Pretty much and type of compressed gas can be transported.

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