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Wire Rope Hoists

Do you need Ultimate Lifting Power? Buy a Wire Rope Hoist

The electric wire rope hoists available at Lifting Gear Direct come in a choice of configurations to suit your gantry runway. With safe working load lifting capacities of up to 50 tonne with the crab hoist set up, your immensely heavy loads will no longer present a problem.

Wire rope hoists are essentially electric hoists which uses wire rope as opposed to a chain. We have a couple of options within this category. The wire rope hoist with a variety of trolley options, safe working loads, and rope falls; and also the Minifor hoist which works more like a powered winch and has unlimited heights of lift. This means they are suitable for different purposes. The wire rope hoists are better for industrial settings such as factories and production plants. Whereas the Minifor hoist is better suited to construction sites.

Low Headroom Wire Rope Hoist - Misia XM


KEY FACTS for the Low Headroom Wire Rope Hoist - Misia XM Perfect for ..

Wire Rope Crab Hoist - Misia XM


This hoist may be used supported or suspended in 2 or 4 fall models with SW..

Standard Headroom Wire Rope Hoist (with trolley) - Misia XM


About the Standard Headroom Wire Rope Hoist (with trolley) - Misia XM ..

Foot Mounted Wire Rope Hoist - Misia XM


Available in lifting capacities from 1.6t up to25t in 2 rope fall (S2) models an..

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About Our Wire Rope Hoist Range

Misia is one of the leading manufacturers of wire rope hoists and the XM series is the key electric rope hoist product.

Lifting Gear Direct can now supply the 4 key types of Misia's wire rope hoists from the XM series these include the standard headroom model, the low headroom model, the foot mounted (without trolley) model, and the crab unit model, and with a vast range of lifting capacities available from a conservative 1.6 tonne up to a whopping 50 tonnes, there is a hoist to suit the majority of applications.

Due to the flexibility in model variations, the Misia wire rope hoist is perfect for adapting to most industrial heavy duty lifting applications. Each model is available with either 2 or 4 falls of rope, with the latter offering the higher lifting capacities.

All models are fitted with overload limiters with 2 reaction thresholds, the 1st gives a warning (1st stop), and the 2nd stops all lifting and travel actions (leaving lowering the only option). All Misia hoists also come with a 2 or 3 stage planetary gearbox (lifetime lubricated), robust rope guides & bearings, and high endurance galvanised wire rope.

There are 2 motor options for all models; cylindrical with disc brake or tapered rotor conical allowing even more flexibility, your choice to suit your specific application.

Questions and Advice

If you have any particular questions and/or need some advice on choosing a wire rope hoist or any other hoisting device then please get in touch. You can speak to us on 01384 76961 or email us through the rapid enquiry form or contact us page. Our staff are experienced with the lifting equipment industry and are always happy to help.


What is a wire rope hoist?

A wire rope hoist is a type of electrically powered lifting hoist which uses steel wire rope instead of the usual chain.

Where are wire rope hoists used?

Wire rope hoists are typically used on overhead crane systems as they can have big lifting capacities (model dependant) and a choice of powered trolley options such as a crab unit.

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