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Buy Gantry Accessories to Compliment your Lifting Gantries

Hoisting devices such as electric hoists and chain blocks/manual hoists come in a wide range of designs and Brands. 

We also supply beam attachments such as clamps and trolley systems, the latter having push travel, geared or power drive options.

These types of lifting gear are essential to lifting with a gantry crane which only provides the framework to which our gantry accessories are fitted to do the actual lifting.

Whatever your gantry requirements are, you can be assured of quality products at great prices from Lifting Gear Direct.

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Gantry Accessories Available

If you already have your gantry crane sorted, whether it is one of our mobile gantry systems or another type then our collection of gantry accessories will help to enhance your cranes lifting ability. Hoisting equipment is essential to lift your loads. These come in a variety of formats with electric hoists or manual chain blocks being the most popular. When you have chosen your hoist then you will need a way to fit it to the gantry beam securely. This is where our beam attachment collection comes into play. There are a number of options to choose from, depending on your requirements. See section below for more.

All the popular, best selling products can be purchased online, or you can order them alongside one of our custom gantries by phone or email.  

Electric Hoists for Gantries

We stock the Delta electric hoist in a number of safe working loads up to 2000kg. We can also supply these hoists with an integrated trolley system which may be either push travel or dual speed, power drive formats. The push travel trolley can also be purchased separately if required. There are many other electric hoist options from some of the most well known brand names like Yale, Stahl, Kito, Demag, Gis and more. See all the options in the category above, this will take you to the main electric hoist page where you will find over 30 hoists to choose from.

Manual Hoists for Gantries

Manual hoists for gantries are usually the chain block variety.  The link above will take you to the manual hoist page with over 20 models to choose from, all from key brands. One of our best selling manual chain blocks is the Delta DY yellow chain block. 5000kg is the top capacity available and all models come with either a 3 metre or 6 metre height of lift option. The Delta manual hoist along with some other popular block and tackle brands like Yale and Raptor, are available for online purchase, often with next day delivery (depending on time ordered).

Beam Attachments for Gantries

Your choice of beam attachments will either be a beam clamp or beam trolley. A clamp will remain in one fixed position but a trolley can be moved across the gantry beam.

Trolley systems come in 3 formats, push, geared and powered. Push travel are typically the simplest, and thus cheapest; our Delta model comes in under £50. However a power drive trolley such as the Delta dual speed trolley will speed up the movement over the beam whilst also requiring no effort, unlike a push model. Find out more details in the above category page.

Other Lifting Accessories

There is a plethora of accessories which can all aid in the lifting process. Shackles, eye bolts, chain slings, web slings, round slings, magnetic lifters, clamps and more can all be helpful. Your useful options will depend greatly on the type of load you are to be lifting, how you need to handle the load and your gantry set up.

Help and advice is always available from the team at Lifting Gear Direct, so if in doubt, please just ask.

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