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Chain Blocks & Manual Chain Hoists

What is a Chain Block?

Often referred to as a Chain Block Hoist, Manual chain block, Block & Tackle, and Manual Hoists, a lifting Chain Block is a piece of lifting equipment for hoisting heavy loads up to 5000 KG. By using gears and chain, when the chains pass around the gears and the hand chain is pulled, it will lift the load that is attached. They are commonly used with lifting slings to attach and balance a load.

What is a Chain Hoist?

A Chain Hoist is another term for a Chain Block. A manual Chain Hoist has a chaining mechanism that can be manually pulled to lift objects, while an electric chain hoist is a powered lifting machine fitted with a push button control to raise the chain and hook. The load is attached to the bottom hook of a manual Chain block, which can then be raised or lowered as a User pulls on the hand chain. 

C4 Atex Chain Block

C4 Atex Chain Block


Key Features of the Atex C4 Chain BlockThe C4 meets British standards to BS EN..

LGD Chain Hoist LGD Chain Hoist

LGD Chain Hoist


About the LGD Chain Hoist This product is a cost effective manual lifting devic..

Yale Mini 360 Chain Block Yale Mini 360 Chain Block

Yale Mini 360 Chain Block


Benefits of the Yale mini 360 Chain Block The extremely compact nature of thi..

Yale VSlll Chain Block Yale VSlll Chain Block

Yale VSlll Chain Block


It forms part of a broader range of lifting equipment from Yale, which includes ..

Yalelift 360 Chain Block Yalelift 360 Chain Block

Yalelift 360 Chain Block


 Like all of Yale’s other manual chain hoist ranges, it spans a number of d..

ATEX Yalelift 360 Chain Block


 It packs in all of the perks of the standard Yalelift 360 chain block ..

Yalelift 360 Chain Block with Integrated Trolley Yalelift 360 Chain Block with Integrated Trolley

Yalelift 360 Chain Block with Integrated Trolley


The versatility of the controls is complemented by the productivity offered by t..

ATEX Yalelift 360 ITP & ITG Chain Block with integrated trolley


 Yale makes a comprehensive range of lifting gear which goes far beyond man..

GT Viper Chain Block GT Viper Chain Block

GT Viper Chain Block


 This is an excellent manual chain hoist option for organisations of a..

Hacketts Heavy Duty Chain Block

Hacketts Heavy Duty Chain Block


 With a tough, sturdy design it is built to work seamlessly in a number of ..

Hacketts Dual Speed Chain Hoist


Key Features of the Hacketts Dual Speed Chain HoistWhen this hoist is holding ..

Yalelift 360 Corrosion Resistant Chain Block


Changes to the design and the use of tougher materials help it to battle back ag..

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Chain Blocks & Manual Chain Hoists

Uses of chain blocks and Manual Hoists 

Manual chain blocks are a versatile lifting solution that is suited for a variety of work settings and conditions and are especially useful for lifting loads in areas where no power is available. Chain block lifting is ideal for rigging, construction, maintenance and other applications. Their compact design is also ideal for temporary use and in workplaces with limited headroom. 


Portable lifting Hoist

These portable lifting hoists are great for site work and are available in a range of configurations and lifting capacities. Advanced options include spark resistant, corrosion resistant, and heavy duty models for specialised use. Our selection of manual chain blocks are made by leaders in the industry, including Tiger, Hacketts and Yale. Each manual chainblock meets the most stringent of industry standards to ensure safe operation and the best possible performance. Choose from our online selection of manual chain blocks or check out the block and tackle section, then complete our enquiry form if you need more information about our manual chain blocks. 

Chain Blocks Available

Whether you are looking for a 250kg chain block, 1 ton chain block or perhaps a chain block 3 ton then you will be able to find them right here. Lifting Gear Direct has a vast choice of manual chain block hoists for sale from all the key brands as well as a number of cheaper alternatives, so there is a chain pulley block to suit all pockets.

Lifting Gear Direct Chain Block

We are now supplying our own Lifting Gear Direct manual chain hoist in order to offer a cheaper alternative to bigger brand models. Now one of our best sellers and available with a range of safe working loads from the 500kg chain block up to the chain block 5 ton model and varying heights of lift. Such as the chain block 1 tonne in 3 or 6 meter lifting heights. The manual chain hoist comes with full certification and warranty. Lifting Gear Direct products are suitable for use in many settings.

Yale Chain Block Hoists

Yale chain blocks incorporate a vast choice of chain hoist models including models like the 360 Chain Block, which is a compact and cost-effective model designed for use where space is tight. Because the hand wheel cover can rotate completely, it is possible to operate this hoist from above, which improves safety and convenience in equal measure. Safe working limits for this model range from 500kg right up to five tonnes, and it is just one example of the kind of kit that Yale hoist brings to the table.  

Kito Chain Blocks / Manual Chain Hoists 

Keeping pace with rival products, the Kito line-up features the likes of the CB chain block range, which is packed with units that are light in weight yet thoroughly sturdy to withstand heavy-duty lifting operations. The smallest of the bunch has a half-tonne safe working limit, while the largest tops out at 50 tonnes of capacity, which is an impressive feat for such a small hoist.  You can find Kito models on the block & tackle page.

Tiger Chain Hoist Products 

Another brand we stock is Tiger, with its chain hoist range featuring the ever-popular TCB manual model. It can handle anywhere between 500kg and 30 tonnes, depending on the iteration you choose. It benefits from a reliable braking system and extra protections to prevent unexpected drops. The chain is fashioned from alloy and is available in a number of specifications to suit different lifting scenarios.  

Hacketts Chain Hoist Models 

Built with heavy duty lifting in mind, the chain hoist products from Hacketts that you can find on our site run the gamut from compact 500kg capacity units right up to 50 tonne beasts. Chain block 1 ton and chain block 2 ton can all be found. All of these examples are compliant with industry standards governing this type of equipment. They are also tested repeatedly prior to sale to ensure that they can withstand regular use and live up to expectations in terms of durability and reliability. This is the kind of comprehensive experimentation that should leave you confident that a manufacturer takes quality control seriously.  

Tractel Chain Block Options 

Need a chain block that is smaller, lighter, and more compact than almost any other unit on the market? Then the Tralift range from Tractel will be a good fit for you (find in block & tackle). It comes with a 180 degree chain guide to make it easier to use in different settings, and in spite of its size is endowed with large brakes to ensure it can be used safely and precisely. With working limits of 500kg to 20 tonnes, it is diminutive yet effective in a range of settings. You can buy this model right here at Lifting Gear Direct, and it is just one of the many Tractel products we sell.  

ATEX Compliant Chain Hoist Models 

Some chain blocks / manual chain hoists will be put to work in particularly hazardous environments. If you need a unit that meets the standards laid out in the ATEX directive, there are a few options available to buy. The Yalelift 360 chainblock is a good example, as it is effectively an overhauled version of the same product we covered earlier. It is coated in a special layer designed to prevent any sparks from being generated while it is operating. This limits the likelihood of explosions occurring in places where this would otherwise be a risk. This chain block model is also sold with an integrated trolley, so you can take your pick of these specialised examples if your industry requires them. 

Why choose a manual chain hoist?

There are a multitude of good motivations behind the decision to buy a chain hoist for your business, some of which we have already covered. 

First and foremost, the benefits of a chain hoist centre around productivity. You can use one of the many models we stock to speed up lifting operations and make it easier to get essential tasks completed ahead of schedule. Time is money, so if you are able to up the rate with which you lift and manoeuvre heavy loads, this will be an obvious benefit. 

Safety is the next perk since a chain block will get rid of the risks involved in the manual handling of large pieces of equipment and cargo. Reducing the likelihood of injuries occurring will keep staff happier, healthier and avoid any missed shifts. 

Convenience is the third advantage of a chain hoist, specifically when compared with an electrically powered equivalent. While electric hoists will need to be kept within reach of a source of power at all times, a manual hoist faces no such limitations. Instead, it can be deployed wherever there is a suitable lifting assembly to support it. 

Which equipment will a chain hoist suit?

The type of equipment you choose to combine with a chain hoist to turbocharge your lifting duties can vary according to your needs and budget. Furthermore, at Lifting Gear Direct we can create a completely customisable assembly that includes the chain hoist you need as part of a comprehensive package that is fully adaptable. 

Plenty of our customers choose to use a chain hoist in combination with one of the crane and gantry systems we produce in-house. This includes mounted jib cranesA-frame gantry systems, and even mobile gantries that are particularly productive. Light and durable aluminium gantries are also available. 

Obviously, it makes sense to pair an appropriate size and capacity chain hoist with the lifting assembly you select, so if you are uncertain about your options, use our contact details below to ask for assistance. 

What accessories are available?

Lifting Gear Direct has an extensive supply of lifting accessories and loose tackle to fit lifting jobs both large and small alike. If you buy a chain hoist from us, you can also add lifting shacklessnatch blocks, and plenty of other components to your order. 

You can also stumble across lifting slings on our site, with innumerable materials and configurations to be found. From fibre rope slings to chain slings and components, there is no need to compromise on quality or versatility when you partner with us. 

We even have specialised lifting accessories that will be much more effective in particular scenarios. Our lifting magnets are a good example of this and can be paired with chain hoist equipment if required. 

Our products are pitched at many different industries and thus come in a variety of sizes and specifications. From corrosion-resistant stainless steel wire rope to height safety gear, there is little we cannot provide to our commercial customers. 

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