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ATEX Height Safety Equipment

ATEX rated working at height safety equipment

When you are working in potentially explosive environments you would almost certainly use Atex height safety equipment to offer as much protection as possible whilst working from heights in these conditions. The Lifting Gear Direct Atex range includes a full-body harness and safety lanyard in various forms at great prices.

Kratos 2 Point Atex Full Body Harness FA 10 109 00

Kratos 2 Point Atex Full Body Harness FA 10 109 00


ATEX 2 Point Full Body Harness Products which comply with ATEX regulations are ..

Kratos Y Fork ATEX Web Lanyard - FA 30 403 15

Kratos Y Fork ATEX Web Lanyard - FA 30 403 15


Benefits of the ATEX Y Forked Shock Absorbing Lanyard  This shock abs..

Kratos 2m ATEX Web Lanyard - FA 30 306 20

Kratos 2m ATEX Web Lanyard - FA 30 306 20


Simple overview  ATEX Shock Absorbing Lanyard  On paper this lanyard ..

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Potentially explosive atmospheres include areas where a spark could ignite gasses, vapour or mist and trigger an explosion; sparks may be of a mechanical, electric or electrostatic nature.

About Our Atex Height Safety Equipment

We have added a selection of Atex rated height safety equipment to the height safety category to cover this scenario; our selection is in accordance with the Necessary ATEX directive 2014/34/EU; standards EN 13463-1:2001 & EN 13463-5:2003 with webbing tested to EN 1149-1:2006 standards.

We have included an Atex safety harness, Atex fall arrest block, Atex Karabiner connector and a couple of Atex lanyards to cover the majority of simple working at height tasks. All incorporate components which minimise the potential spark risk by using special materials and coatings.

The ATEX Safety Harness features anti-static properties and has 3 connection points and fully adjustable straps.

The ATEX fall arrester has 10 metres of retractable 4.5mm wire rope, a karabiner for anchoring and a swivel snap hook with a load indicator for a lower attachment point.

The ATEX Carabiner has a screw locking gate with a 22.5mm opening; made from aluminium with a breaking strength of 23kN.

The ATEX lanyards come in 2 types; a 44mm energy absorbing webbing lanyard with an aluminium scaffold hook and carabiner connectors and a forked lanyard which is also energy-absorbing with 2 scaffold hooks and a screw lock carabiner all in aluminium.

Help with Height Safety Equipment

Whether you need a little more information, product clarification, a quick quote, help and advice on choosing your full height safety equipment set up or simply place an order you can choose to call us on 01384 76961, use the request a quote or add to cart function (whichever is available) or email us an enquiry from the contact us page or rapid enquiry form.


What is Atex height safety equipment for?

When height safety equipment is marked as Atex rated then it is safe to use in environments that could potentially be explosive, i.e. chemical factories, paint shops.

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