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Forklift Mounted Drum Handling

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Do you handle drums and barrels on a regular basis? Do you own a fork lift truck? If your answer is yes to both of these questions then we have some simple lifting equipment which will speed up the process of your entire drum and barrel handling needs, quickly, easily and cost efficiently.

We have a wide range of drum handling equipment suitable for mounting to a fork lift truck, some models can handle a single drum whilst others can handle two at a time; there are various options available which allow you to lift your drum in different ways – top, middle, bottom or by the  rim, with tongs, clamps or grabs. We also have models which facilitate the rotating of the drum, this could be to aid emptying or to change the orientation - lift vertically and stack horizontally.

Fork lift mounted drum handling equipment is used in many areas; breweries would find them most useful for handling their beer kegs / barrels; the agricultural industry for storing and transporting fertilizers and feed, etc, and anywhere that drums and barrels are frequently handled.