Forklift Mounted Drum Handling

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Forklift Mounted Drum Handling

Drum Handling made is easy with a Fork Lift Truck attachment from Lifting Gear Direct

Do you handle drums and barrels on a regular basis? Do you own a forklift truck?

If your answer is yes to both of these questions then we have some simple drum handling equipment which will speed up the process of your entire drum and barrel handling needs, quickly, easily, safely and cost efficiently. Browse the collection of forklift mounted drum handling products below you will find a great variety to handle drums in various ways, from simple lifting to rotating to empty.

Drum Rotator Forklift Attachment DLFT/P


About the DLFT/P Drum Rotator Forklift Attachment There are 2 models in this ..

Forklift Drum Turner DLT/DLTC


About the Forklift Drum Turner DLT There are two model variations in this ran..

Drum Grab – Forklift Mounted DLF40


About the Forklift Mounted Drum Grab DLF40 Series If you own a forklift truck..

Forklift Mounted Drum Lifter – DLFG1 & DLFG2


About the Forklift Mounted Drum Lifter DLFG Series There are 2 models in this..

Forklift Mounted Drum Positioners – DLFP & DLFPU


About the Forklift Mounted Drum Positioners DLF & DLFPU Forklift mounted d..

Forklift Mounted Lifting Hook - DLHS


About the Forklift Mounted Lifting Hook Here we have a range of sleeves with ..

Adjustable Single Drum Grab Raptor DG40


Securing the attachment onto the forks is straight forward. There are 2 T-s..

Adjustable Single Poly Drum Grab Raptor DG50


About the Adjustable Single Poly Drum Grab Raptor DG50 Slide the DG50 onto..

Double Drum Grab Raptor DG20


About the DG20 double fork lift drum grab The DG20 is easy to fit to the tines ..

Fork Lift Drum Positioner Raptor DR400


About the DR400 Fork Lift Drum Positioner If you need to re-position steel..

Fork Lift Drum Rotator Raptor HK285a


More about the HK285A Fork Lift Drum Carrier & Rotator Making use of y..

Gator Grip Double Drum Grab Raptor DG720a


About the Fork Lift Double Gator Grip Drum Grab The automatic gator grab m..

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Forklift Mounted Drum Handling Solutions

Forklift mounted drum handling equipment is used in many areas; breweries would find them most useful for handling their beer kegs / barrels; the agricultural industry for storing and transporting fertilizers and feed, crude oil drums, chemicals and anywhere that drums and barrels are frequently handled.

The type of drum which you will be handling will play a major part in your choice of attachment because  some products can only handle certain types, steel, plastic or mauser/egg shaped are the most popular drum types used today. The size of the drum and the weight when full also has great relevancy when considering which drum equipment to choose. The type of forklift truck you have, it’s lifting capacity and particularly the length and width of your forks should also be checked against the specifications of the attachment to ensure they will fit and are able to handle the weight.

Types of Forklift Mounted Drum Attachments Available

We have a wide range of drum handling equipment suitable for mounting to a forklift truck; the majority are specially designed with fork pockets to slide onto the existing forks of the truck and secured with two screw clamps. We do have another option, the CDH lifter which does not fit to the forks but to the main carriage of the truck, this facilitates the need to remove the forks from the truck first. Perfect if drum handling is all that your forklift is going to be used for.

Some models can handle a single drum whilst others can handle two at a time like the DG20 model. There are various options available which allow you to lift your drum from different points– top, middle, bottom or by the rim or a combination of these.

Most models work as grabs, where the attachment will be positioned under a rim found midway down on steel drums; there are some models which will grab egg shaped drums from the bottom like the fully automatic FDHM grab. Then we have the DG360 & DG720 drum handlers which grip the top rim of the drum whilst supporting the lower portion, these are great for use with tightly packed drums.

One of the simplest designs is the fork tines which lift drums horizontally and are great for stacking/un-stacking. Our drum positioning model the DR400 can manipulate drums in different orientations; they can lift up in a vertical position and set down in a horizontal position or vice-versa.

We also have 3 models which facilitate the rotating of the drum, the SDR-DS; the DTR-DS and the HK285a. These can be used to aid emptying or to change the orientation - lift vertically and stack horizontally.

Other Drum Handling Equipment

If you don’t own a forklift truck but need to handle drums more effectively then take a look at some of our other methods of drum handling. We can supply drum trucks and drum lifters in many different forms to facilitate the handling of different types of drums in different ways. So whatever your drum handling needs we can help, if you can’t find what you are looking for then give us a call and let us know we can usually source the item you require.

Calling Lifting Gear Direct

Do you have a question for us? Do you need some advice? Would you like a quick quote? Do you wish to place an order? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then simply call 01384 76961 where a member of our experienced team will be ready to help. You can also use the request a quote button on each product page or email us from the contact us page.


What is forklift mounted drum handling equipment?

 Forklift mounted drum handling equipment refers to specialised devices that fit onto the forks of a forklift truck so that steel drums can be handled more easily.

What can forklift drum handlers do?

When fitted to a forklift truck drum handlers can manipulate drums in various ways, depending on the model. Some simply aid in picking up a drum so it can be mover to another location, however some forklift drum handlers are able to rotate drums which can aid in emptying and stacking scenarios. Forklift drum handlers also connect with the drum in different locations, some grab the top rim, some lift from the bottom and some grab around the middle.

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