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Fork lift drum rotator raptor hk285a

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Fork Lift Drum Rotator Raptor HK285a

Fork Lift Drum Rotator Raptor HK285a

This attachment enables the transformation of your fork lift truck into a drum carrier and drum rotator. Complete operation can be carried out from the driving seat so its easy to operate too.
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More about the HK285A Fork Lift Drum Carrier & Rotator

Making use of your fork lift truck to lift and rotate drums is a sensible and cost effective drum handling solution, especially if you will need to use the truck in this way the majority of the time. Although the attachment is quite quick and easy to attach and remove should it be necessary.

30 or 55 gallon steel drums can be handled with the HK285A with a maximum load capacity of 364 kg. Drums can be lifted, transported and rotated/tipped for emptying with this forklift truck attachment without the need to leave the driver’s seat.

How to use the Drum Carrier and Rotator.

Because the attachment has good sized pocket the forklift can be driven straight in and then secured with the anchor bolts, there is also a safety chain for additional security, this must be attached to the mast of the truck.

With the forks at near ground level and the cradle fully open (hook the cradle chain to the stud) you can drive the truck forwards so that the cradle fits comfortably around the drum. The drum can then be locked into place by tightening the chain via the ratchet lever.

The control chain should be placed near to the driver’s seat for easy operation. The forks can then be raised to transport the drum in a vertical position only.

When you are ready to empty the contents you can pull on the control chain to slowly rotate the drum to the required angle. For optimum control you should pay out one side of the chain/loop whilst pulling in the other.

When emptying is complete the drum should be returned to a vertical position for transporting to its final destination where it can be set down and removed.

Good lubrication to the gear train, cradle hinges, ratchet, chain and other moving parts will keep performance at optimum levels whilst extending the working life of the attachment. Regular inspections for wear and defects are also important to identify anything which could potentially hinder operation and/or make the attachment unsafe to use.

Contacting Lifting Gear Direct

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Help, advice and more information can be given if required. We have an abundance of other drum handling equipment on offer as well as many other forms of lifting equipment so peruse our website and you will find everything you need for and lifting application.

Model Capacity (Kgs) Dimensions To Suit Drum Dimensions Drum Size Weight
HK285A 364 Steel 30 or 55 Gallon 70Kgs