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Buying a Mechanics Engine Hoist for your garage

An engine hoist is also commonly referred to as a garage hoist, workshop crane, engine crane or floor crane. They are typically found in car garages and repair workshops to aid in the removal and insertion of car engines. Although they do have other uses, such as unloading palletized items. We have the engine hoist for sale and with easy mobility and its folding design they are ideal as a garage hoist.  

Standard Engine Hoist Raptor SC


About the Raptor SC Engine Hoist  Offering portability, lifting power and ..

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Key Features of an Engine Hoist

An engine hoist is a type of mobile crane system. They are compact, often foldable to some degree and easy to manoeuvre.

These floor cranes typically have one of two chassis types. The legs may be either parallel or 'V' shaped. Each has its own benefits so think about where you will be using the hoist when deciding on your model.

The jib arm of the engine hoist is usually foldable. This makes them more compact for storage. The arms are also extendable to enable a longer reach when needed. Remember though, the further out the arm is extended, the lower the safe working load will be. Therefore always refer to the manufacturers instructions to ensure a safe lift.

At the end of the arm there is a hook to which you can attach your load to be lifted with a sling. The lifting action is completed with a hydraulic pump system for effortless operation. Our model range all include a swivelling lever for easier access and operation.

The height of lift varies between models and is dependant on the position of the arm. Check out the individual models and their specification charts to find out all the details.

More about Engine Hoists

An engine hoist or floor crane must be used on flooring that is level and solid. Level to ensure good stability of the crane whilst lifting a heavy engine. Solid to ensure the floor can take the weight of the crane and load.

Paying attention to the centre of gravity of the load is extremely important. If the weight of the load is distributed unevenly the hoist may become unstable and could tip over.

This type of floor crane is not really meant to be moved whilst loaded, however as in the case of engine removal, they can be. Although extreme care should be take and manoeuvres should be done slowly in a controlled manner.

Lifting Gear Direct offers our best selling models at great prices. We have the standard Raptor SC engine hoist which has a 'V' shaped chassis and top load limits of 2000kg. We also offer the Pfaff HWK -KLS models, with both types of chassis being available in SWL up to 1000kg.

Also available from our shop by brand pages are engine lifters from brands GT and ACE.

Similar Lifting Equipment

We have a range of other lifting equipment which may work better for you. For example you may like one of our smaller bespoke mobile gantry systems. The smallest one has a 3 metre span and 3 metre height with a range of safe working load options. These can be tailored to your specific needs.

We also have a range of aluminium gantries available, the smallest is the Rapide with WLL of up to 500kg, and in a range of dimensions. There is also a standard range of aluminium lifting gantry systems available with a larger model range. Check out all the specifications for complete clarification.

Our gantries can all be used with most types of hoisting equipment such as chain hoists or electric hoists. With a beam trolley the hoist and load can be moved along the beam of the gantry.

Lifting slings and connectors such as shackles are also available and can be made up to suit your requirements.

Contacting Us

As you can see, Lifting Gear Direct can supply all your lifting needs. Call our friendly team on 01384 76961 if you need any advice or additional information. You can also use the online enquiry form for help and quotes. Ordering is easy to, Online or over the phone.


What is an engine hoist?

 An engine hoist is a type of small, mobile floor crane that is typically used to lift out and install car engines.

How do you use an engine hoist?

Engine hoists are easy to use thanks to their mobility, compact nature, foldability and hydraulic lifting system. The wheeled legs are simple slid under the vehicles engine bay, next the jib arm is extended so it is positioned centrally above the load. Normally, using a sling the load is fitted to the safety hook on the jib arm. Now the hydraulic pump may be used to raise the engine out of its bay. Using caution, move the loaded engine hoist clear and lower the load to the ground straight away.

What load weights can be lifted by an engine hoist?

We have a choice of engine hoists with safe working load limits of up to 2000kg.

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