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You can order lots of different products from us, including load and force calculation products; the range features a well appointed selection of high quality crane scales for load weighing. Find the product that is pitched just right for your requirements, or get in touch with us for guidance. Tension load cells are also available from Lifting Gear Direct to calculate the forces implied by the load.

OCS-L Crane Scale


About the OCS-L Crane Scale This mini crane scale is compact and east to store..

OCS-S1 Crane Scales


About the OCS-S1 Crane Scales The aluminium housing of the scale keeps the ov..

OCS-X Crane Scale


About the OCS-X Crane Scale This crane scale range comes complete with remote..

High Capacity Crane Scale OCS-Z


Key Elements of the OCS-Z high capacity crane scale Incorporating a 6v/ah bat..

Yale Tigrip TKL Crane Weigher


The TKL is the standard crane weigher from Yale's Tigrip range. There are 6 mode..

Yale Tigrip TKR Crane Weigher


Part of a range of crane scales from Yale, the TKR is a compact yet potent produ..

Mini Weigher Plus Crane Scale Straightpoint


About the Mini Weight Plus Crane Scale Lifting Gear Direct supplies a number o..

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Crane Scales

About Crane Scales / Hoist Scales

Crane scales or hoist scales are one of the most recognisable pieces of industrial equipment, as they can often be found within shipyards, car manufacturing plants and foundries. The scale itself performs an important function. It provides an accurate reading of the static load which is being handled. This is obvious for safety reasons while on any job site. At Lifting Gear Direct, we offer only the highest quality of brands; ensuring that reliability is never an issue.

Knowing exactly how much weight you have to handle is important from a safety perspective, since all equipment has a safe capacity that must be adhered to in order to eliminate risks. Complacency is the quickest way to make mistakes and invite accidents, so investing in a reliable, accurate crane scale like the models we sell will be a wonderful way to make sure all your operations run smoothly.

Crane Weighers

Thanks to modern technology, these crane scales / weighers also come equipped with such amenities as an easy-to-read LCD display and materials which will stand up to the harshest of industrial conditions. These are some of the reasons why the crane scales offered through Lifting Gear Direct are simply the best in the business.

In terms of durability, it is not just the ruggedness of the materials which are relevant; designed of crane scales can also include a degree of waterproofing, especially to components that are most likely to suffer damage when exposed to moisture.

There are lots of other perks to consider when choosing between crane scales. For example, some are designed with convenience as well as accuracy in mind, with the use of remote control capabilities meaning that they can be operated from afar, rather than requiring direct interaction with the main body of the scale itself to change settings and make other adjustments.

Independent operation can be achieved thanks to integrated rechargeable batteries, letting a scale be set up almost anywhere. If you are using this in conjunction with a jib crane or a gantry system, particularly of the mobile variety, this level of portability will clearly be an advantage.

Comparing products

There are lots of ways to work out whether a particular type of lifting equipment is suited to your needs, with the load capacity and the other technical specifications being just one aspect of what you have to consider.

You might also, for example, be eager to order a crane scale which is made by a particular brand. This is easy to do thanks to Lifting Gear Direct, as our site is packed with an army of amazing products from manufacturers that you will already know and love.

In this category alone you will find crane scales from the likes of Yale, Dynafor and Dini Argeo to name just three.

Other products we offer

The equipment line up we can supply is truly expansive, encompassing not just load calculation equipment and lifting assemblies, but also all of the add-ons and accessories that you might need.

You can snap up customisable wire rope products to take on your latest lifting project more safely and easily, you can order material handling gear to make on-site manoeuvring of cargo and kit more efficient and you can even snap up height safety equipment direct from us.

We work with clients of all sizes and from every corner of the country to help them optimise their operations across the board, with our competitive pricing setting us apart from the crowd as well.

Our contact info

Full details, including measurements, load limits and other technical specifications can be found on each product page. For more details, including ordering, please contact us direct by phone or via email. Our sales hotline is available on 01384 76961 and our contact page has other options available.


What are crane scales?

crane scales are simply weighing devices to fit to a crane so that the load can be weights accurately.

Why use a crane scale?

Knowing the actual weight of a load is imperative to the safety of the lifting operation. Guessing should not be an option, the load could easily exceed the safe working load of the sling, hoist, crane or other equipment causing it to fail, perhaps catastrophically. Using a crane scale eliminates this risk because you will know exactly what the load weighs.

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