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Load Weighing Equipment

Find out the precise weight of your load with load weighing equipment

Load weighing equipment can be highly beneficial when it comes to lifting different loads. Overloading the lifting device is one of the main causes of serious injury, so knowing the weight of the load which needs lifting is very important, as is the forces applied to the load when lifted, however this is not always easy to determine; this is where crane scales and load cell devices come in handy. Buy load and force calculation devices from Lifting Gear Direct  and find out more below.

Handifor Load Cell


Key features of the Handifor Load Cell 0.5% accuracy 100 use hour battery li..

OCS-L Crane Scale


About the OCS-L Crane Scale This mini crane scale is compact and east to store..

Dynafor Industrial Load Cell Dynafor Industrial Load Cell

Dynafor Industrial Load Cell


About the Dynafor Industrial Load Cell Ideal for many industrial application..

OCS-S1 Crane Scales


About the OCS-S1 Crane Scales The aluminium housing of the scale keeps the ov..

Dynafor Pro Load Cell Dynafor Pro Load Cell

Dynafor Pro Load Cell


About the Dynafor Pro Load Cell The Dynafor pro load cell with precision forc..

OCS-X Crane Scale


About the OCS-X Crane Scale This crane scale range comes complete with remote..

High Capacity Crane Scale OCS-Z


Key Elements of the OCS-Z high capacity crane scale Incorporating a 6v/ah bat..

Dynafor Expert Load Cell Dynafor Expert Load Cell

Dynafor Expert Load Cell


About the Dynafor Expert Load Call The Dynafor Expert load cell dynamometer i..

Yale Tigrip TKL Crane Weigher


The TKL is the standard crane weigher from Yale's Tigrip range. There are 6 mode..

Radiolink Plus Wireless Dynamometer Load Cell Straightpoint


About the Radiolink Plus Wireless Dynamometer Load Cell One of a number of loa..

Loadlink Plus Load Cell Straightpoint


About the Loadlink Plus Load Cell Having the right load and force calculation e..

Wirelink Plus Digital Dynamometer Load Cell Straightpoint


About the Wirelink Plus Digital Dynamometer Load Cell Straightpoint is a well-k..

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Load Weighing Equipment

Types of Load Weighing Equipment

There are a few products to determine the weight of your load.

Crane Scales / Crane Weighers

A crane scale is a weighing device that attaches to the hook on a crane or hoist for example, so that when the load is attached to the crane or hoist a test lift (just clear of the floor) can be performed so that the scale can accurately determine the exact weight of the load; from this information it can be ascertained whether the crane or lifting device has the relevant lifting capacity and therefore capable of lifting the load safely.

Crane scales are probably the most utilised within the shipping industry, in ports and dockyards. They are regularly used for weighing shipping containers which can vary greatly in weight, depending on what shipment they are carrying. Many production plants also make good use of crane scales. In fact anywhere that cranes, hoists and other lifting devices are used for lifting a wide variety of loads on a frequent basis would benefit from using a crane scale to precisely determine the weight of each load.

Load Cells

Load Cells and Dynamometers are great for ascertaining calculations such as weight and various forces. We have a large range of tension load cells available, some with remote control, computer link ups, LCD displays and more, take a look through our range for more information.

Brands we stock

Our crane scales and load cells are sourced from a number of well known manufacturers, which is welcome news for anyone who has a particular product in mind that they would like to order.

From Yale and Straightpoint to Dynafor and Red Rooster, the pages of our site are brimming with some of the best load and force calculation products around. The same variety and choice is common across our other equipment and material handling ranges.

Load Calculation Equipment for safe lifting

The safety benefits of using load and force calculation equipment have been touched upon briefly but this is a topic that bears considering more closely before you kick start any significant lifting operations.

It is not just important to work out whether the equipment you are using is up to the task from a safety perspective, although this is clearly important given the extensive regulations which govern this area. Another reason to invest in gear that can calculate load capacities and force levels quickly and accurately is that this will help you from a productivity perspective. Rather than facing delays caused by mistakes made in the planning stages, you can use our products to turbo-charge your lifting duties without compromising on safety.

Call or email for more information

If you want to find out more about the load and force calculation equipment we supply, or ask about any of our other products and services, feel free to give Lifting Gear Direct a ring on 01384 76961 or send us an email.


What is Load weighing Equipment?

Load weighing equipment typically refers to crane scales and/or load cells which provide a way to measure the weight of your loads and or the forces that your load applies, measuring in kilo newtons of force for example.

Why should you use load calculation equipment?

By using load calculation equipment like tension load cells or crane scales you can accurately determine the weight of your load to ensure your lifting equipment is up to the task. A guesstimate can result in catastrophic failure of the lifting operation.

Where is load & force calculation equipment used?

This type of equipment is ideal for areas that lift and handle a wide variety of loads so that the weight and force can be accurately determined for each and every load. Commonly used in the shipping industry and container ports where loaded containers can weigh dramatically different.

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