Forklift brush and sweeper attachments

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Forklift Brush and Sweeper Attachments

Clean up with your forklift truck - Buy a brush attachment here

Keep your workplace clean and tidy outside and in with a forklift brush attachment. Yard sweeper attachments are ideal for sweeping up large areas of debris quickly and efficiently and can also be effective for dispersing standing water. Lifting Gear Direct are able to supply a selection of brush sizes as well as magnetic sweepers for picking up loose metal items like screws and nails.

Forklift Brushes – ES Series


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Forklift Magnetic Sweeper Attachment FMM Series


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About Forklift Brush and Sweeper Attachments

If you own a forklift truck, chances are you also have a sizeable factory and outdoor yard/parking area. Keeping the area clean and tidy not only keeps your working area safer it will also make your business look more aesthetically pleasing and professional to visitors.

Even sweeping up fallen leaves in the Autumn can make a big difference!

All of the forklift brush and sweeper attachments Lifting Gear Direct supply incorporate pockets which slide onto the forks and are secured with 'T' screw clamps. They come fully tested and certified for health and safety compliance.

What is a Forklift Brush used for?

Depending on your location and the type of work you do will effect the type of debris you will need to sweep up. Our forklift brushes are not only great for sweeping up leaves but sand, gravel, general rubbish and even water. Some forklift sweeper attachments are magnetic and so can pick up the smallest of metal objects such as screws and bolts, nails and metal swarf and other ferrous metal objects. These can greatly help to protect vehicles in the area from punctures as well as protecting your feet from stepping on a nail, ouch!

Where is a Forklift Sweeper Attachment used?

Forklift brushes can be utilised indoors as well as out for larger warehouse and factory floors for example. Keeping the workplace clean and tidy boosts morale and can increase productivity as well as enhancing safety. Outdoors they are great for a wide range of places such as building sites, scrap yards, quarries, parking areas and many other outdoor working areas.

Types of Forklift Sweepers Available

Lifting Gear Direct can supply a great selection of forklift sweeper attachments to suit most standard forklift trucks. We have a choice of an Economy brush for light duty, Intermediate for medium duty tasks and a heavy duty model for the most demanding environments. Also as mentioned above we can supply a number of magnetic sweepers to pick up those pesky nails, screws and loose metal swarf produced from cutting metal.

Alongside these forklift brush and sweeper attachments we are also able to supply snow ploughs and yard scrapers for those Winter months. Forklift attachments come in a wide array of designs to suit many different types of loads, hooks, jib arms, extensions, tipping skips and even fork protection covers; so why not browse the full range to find an attachment to enhance your work productivity.

forklift brush attachments


Is there a forklift attachment for cleaning?

Yes there is, we have a range of forklift brush attachments which make yard clearing and factory floor cleaning quick and easy.

How can I pick up lots of metal debris?

A forklift magnetic sweeper is an ideal way to pick up multiple small metal objects with one sweep. They can lift up objects from between 4 and 6 inches from the ground so nails, screws and swarf will be gone in no time keeping your floor clear.

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