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Wear Sleeves

Lifting Sling Wear Sleeves Made to Order

Wear sleeves are typically used to add extra protection to any type of lifting sling and/or the load. They are particularly useful when a sling wraps around sharp edges and they can significantly prolong the life of your slings thus is a cost effective purchase. Our team can custom make your wear sleeve to suit your slinging requirements.  

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Wear Sleeves

Wear Sleeves for Lifting Slings

Our wear sleeves and protective sling sleeving are manufactured in-house. This gives us the ability to create entirely customised sleeves that can suit whatever lifting sling you want to protect. Find out more about our wear sleeves right here, then get in touch when you are ready to place an order.

Brief Rundown of Features & Optionswear sleeves for slings and wire rope

  • Suitable for any of our lifting slings
  • Any Length and/or width.
  • Heavy duty webbing, or light duty webbing tube, heavy duty sewn webbing and/or puc tube available.
  • For extra protection against wear and abrasions.

What makes Wear Sleeves Necessary?

The usefulness of wear sleeves is outlined fairly effectively in the name of the product itself; it is intended to withstand wear and tear, rather than allowing it to take its toll on the material that makes up the lifting sling beneath.

This type of product makes particular sense for use with flat web slings. While the polyester of the sling itself is very strong, it is not completely incapable of being worn down over time. Abrasions which build up as it rubs over different surfaces can make early replacement a necessity. With a wear sleeve to take the brunt of the punishment, the sling will be in good condition for as long as possible. This also has benefits in terms of lifting safety; a topic that every business should consider carefully.

What are the Different Options for Protective sling sleeves?

Wear sleeves themselves are available in different materials and in different configurations. Heavy or light duty webbing will be produced using a similar material to the sling beneath, providing a level of resistance and durability that is relative to its thickness and composition. Sewn webbing is literally stitched around the sling, so it can cope with endless slings, including round slings.

Can you add Wear Sleeves to Slings?

This is a popular option, since it saves you the trouble of installing the wear sleeve yourself. Our ability to customise our lifting slings is one of the things that sets us apart from the competition. You can come up with a completely bespoke order, including the equipment, accessories and shackles that you need.

Of course you might simply want to order a wear sleeve to add to an existing assembly. This is also an option. Since we can supply sleeves of almost any length and size, you should easily be able to order a compatible product from Lifting Gear Direct.

What other Products are Available?

In terms of your lifting sling options, we also have fibre rope slings, along with chain slings and wire rope assemblies with similar properties.

Cast your net a little further and you will find custom jib cranes that we make in-house, height safety products to keep you in one piece and comply with regulations, plate lifting equipment and specialised kit of every other kind. Our competitive prices are the icing on the cake.

How do I get in touch?

Turn your lifting ambitions into an affordable reality by calling 01384 76961 and speaking to our experts right now. Even if you just want to ask for more information about our wear sleeves, slings and other products, do not hesitate to dial that number. Check out our contact page if you would rather email the Lifting Gear Direct team.


What are wear sleeves used for?

Wear sleeves are an extra webbing sleeve which is placed around the heavy wear areas of a lifting sling. They help to extend the lifespan of the sling by preventing excess wear and abrasions to the sling material.

What type of lifting slings can wear sleeves be used on?

Wear sleeves are typically used on flat web slings and round slings, however they can also be used on wire rope and chain slings for protection for the sling and the load.

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