Safety access platforms

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Safety Access Platforms

Safety Cages & Platforms for Working at Height

Safety access platforms can prove to be an integral part of height safety operations, they provide a safe and stable caged type platform from which you can work from, gain access too or recover objects. They are great for maintenance and repair operations. A body harness and lanyard are other options you may wish to consider alongside a safety platform; these are available in kit form from leading safety equipment supplier Lifting Gear Direct.

2 Person Forklift Safety Cage Contact WP Series


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Rescue Safety Cage - Crane Slung - Contact FWP-CSG-HEF


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1 Person Forklift Safety Cage Contact WP Series


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Crane Slung Safety Cage Contact FWP-CS


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Raised Height Forklift safety Cage - Contact WP


Raised height forklift safety cages are used where extra height is needed or for..

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Safety Access Platforms

To follow from health and safety, so finding the safest, most cost-effective means of working from a height may not be as easy as you think. Where you need to operate at height infrequently you may want to think about a safe access platform, they are much safer than ladders and far less costly than erecting scaffolding, what’s more, you will probably be able to utilise your forklift truck to attach one of the ranges of forklift mounted safety cages we can now offer, and if you don't have a forklift then we can also offer crane slung cages.

Forklift mounted safety cages are becoming more and more popular due to health and safety regulations and allow 1 or 2 people to be elevated in safety up to the maximum height your forks will go, to carry out tasks at heights. It is recommended that a safety harness and lanyard be used to secure the person to the cage safely. Forklift safety cages or safety access platforms as they are sometimes referred to as can be extremely beneficial in large warehouses and factories, as they allow the safe retrieval of objects that are out of reach, and also allow safe maintenance procedures.
These cages fit easily onto the forks of a forklift truck, though you should ensure the truck's capacity will take the weight of the cage and person/s plus objects for transport.

Crane slung safety cages simply hang from a crane hook via their top lugs and some lifting slings. These are useful in rescue operations.

Safety Cages Available

Lifting Gear Direct Can supply a range of forklift safety cages and crane slung safety cages with various opening options, raised height models, and even a folding cage, ideal for space restricted areas.

There are model variations in each type which usually correlates to the entry type; this may be a front or side gate opening, fixed bar or step through bars. Although most can carry one or two people the exception is the rescue cage which can accommodate up to 8 people which makes them ideal in emergency evacuation and group rescue operations.

All safety cages are risk assessed and comply with current health and safety regulations for your peace of mind.

Other Height Safety Equipment You May Need

If you are to be using a safety platform or cage then you are going to need some additional equipment of the height safety variety. This will most likely include a full-body safety harness and a restraint lanyard at a minimum. We sell some simple restraint kits which will provide all you need in its own kit bag. Individual components are also available, you can choose from a variety of harnesses, lanyards, kits, connections and fall arrestors. All available at great prices from your lead Midlands based lifting equipment supplier Lifting Gear Direct.


What are safety access platforms?

 Safety access platforms are fully or part caged platforms that are used to raise personnel up to specific heights safely.

What are safety access platforms used for?

Safety access platform cages are commonly used for maintenance and inspection tasks that need to be carried out at heights. Many platforms can be mounted to a forklift truck or lung from a crane for lifting. There are also safety cages used for rescue scenarios.

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