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Hydraulic Lifting Equipment

Hydraulic lifting equipment comes in various forms, from cylinders and pumps to a hydraulic jack like the bottle jack and offer high power lifting solutions for small spaces. So whether you are looking for a hydraulic trolley jack, hydraulic car jack,  or a toe jack you have come to the right place. The lifting power of these devices comes from using hydraulic fluid pressure to generate the forces required. Hydraulic power is probably the simplest way of applying a great deal of force, and is used in a vast array of areas. We also supply hydraulic accessories like hoses, couplers and manifolds.

2 Port Manifold

2 Port Manifold


About the 2 Port Manifold for Hydraulic Systems When you need to use two hydrau..

3 Port Manifold


About the 3 Port Manifold for Hydraulics These 3 port manifolds are perfect if ..

4 Port Manifold

4 Port Manifold


About the 4 Port Manifold for Hydraulic Applications The 4 port manifold allows..

6 Port Manifold


About the 6 Port Manifold for Hydraulic Systems This 6 port manifold is the lar..

Aluminium Hydraulic Jacks Yale AJS & AJH Aluminium Hydraulic Jacks Yale AJS & AJH

Aluminium Hydraulic Jacks Yale AJS & AJH


These jacks are very easy to operate and come ready to use with hydraulic fluid,..

Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders


Double Acting Cylinders Available We have a huge range of double acting cylinde..

HBJ Bottle Jack

HBJ Bottle Jack


About the HBJ Bottle Jack Hydraulic bottle jacks can be used for a variety..

Hydraulic Ball Coupler


About the ball coupler Ball type couplers are often the preferred choice when i..

Hydraulic Hand Pump THP/A Hydraulic Hand Pump THP/A

Hydraulic Hand Pump THP/A


About Hydraulic Pumps Unlike hydraulic cylinders, a hydraulic hand pump will re..

Hydraulic Hoses


About Hoses used in Hydraulics Because hoses used in hydraulic systems have to ..

Hydraulic One Touch Couplers


About the one Touch Hydraulic Coupler There are 2 parts to this hydraulic one t..

Hydraulic shorty cylinders

Hydraulic shorty cylinders


About the Low Height Hydraulic Cylinders More compact in design these cylinders..

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Hydraulic Lifting Equipment

Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders are recommended when loads need to remain lifted while work is carried out underneath. The lock nut ensures a positive hold in any position. Hydraulic pressure can be released so the cylinders work like mechanical supports, pumps can be separated from the cylinders.

Compact hydraulic cylinders  come in  low height and flat models and are recommended for most lifting applications they can also be used for pushing, levelling and pressing purposes especially useful in confined spaces.

They are made for lifting and positioning jobs in addition to all general maintenance operations, where low height, portability, and light weight devices are considered necessary.

These incredibly versatile cylinders are found in many industrial areas like steel, civil engineering, construction industry, power plants and off-shore industries.

Our huge range of hydraulic cylinders is certain to impress, especially if you have a particular brand in mind that you would like to choose. Manufacturers including HiForce are found in this category and opting for a name you know is a good way of getting exactly the kind of performance and reliability you would expect when ordering hydraulic cylinders from our site.  

Hydraulic Jack

Hydraulic jacks are supplied ready to use, with oil, operating lever and carry handle and claw where applicable. We offer a range trolley / floor jacks and bottle jacks to our customers.

Aluminium jacks are extremely light weight yet have a high lifting capacity, and are simple to operate. Jacks are popular tools for workshops, metal fabrications, engineering, construction, ship building and all kinds of lifting applications.

Most hydraulic Jacks are fitted with overload prevention valves, operating lever, a safety lock nut, providing absolute safety over a long period.

We also supply Bottle Jacks with lifting capacities up to 100 tonne, and have stable bases and minimal effort pumping handles; and hydraulic pumps in single or 2 speed options.

Our bottle jacks enjoy an entire page to themselves on our site, complete with instructions on how to use them effectively and safely when handling heavier loads. Brands such as Raptor are represented in this line up and if you cannot find what you are looking for, our staff will be happy to help.  

Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic pumps convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. You input the force which creates pressure and subsequent flow. These are ideal for auxiliary power.

We stock and supply hydraulic pumps from a number of well-known brands, including Enerpac and Yale. This gives you lots of choice and also lets you select kit which is compatible with any existing equipment you have available.

Of course regardless of the make or model of hydraulic pump you pick, you can be certain of receiving a high quality product at a cost effective price point. Some models offer benefits like variable speed settings, pressure release valves to help comply with safety regulations relating to systems of this kind and plenty of other advantageous features.

You might be surprised by the variety of specifications and capabilities which make up the models in our hydraulic pump range. However, since we endeavour to meet as many different needs as possible, this level of variety can be expected to be encountered across our many product categories.

Hydraulic Fittings

When you use hydraulic lifting equipment you may need specific hydraulic fittings to connect them up. We can supply a range of manifoldshoses and couplers and also pressure gauges for you to keep tabs on the pressure used by your equipment, browse our range online for all the details.

Order Hydraulic Lifting Equipment

You can order lifting equipment of all kinds from Lifting Gear Direct, or get more information and expert advice, when you call our sales team on 01384 76961 or email us with your query.

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