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Material Handling

Material handling refers to the moving and transportation of goods from one place to another. The majority of industries and workplaces, large and small will use some form of material handling equipment to aid in the movement of materials. Lifting Gear Direct can offer simple, cost effective solutions to your material handling processes; we supply a wide range of  Load moving equipmentDrum handling solutions & fork lift truck attachments suitable for both larger industrial purposes and smaller workshop of factory use.

500kg Scissor Lift Table TF50


About the TF50 Scissor Lift Table 500kg  With a half tone load capacity an..

Automatic Drum Lifter Tongs Contact DTG AU


About the DTG-AU Drum Lifting Tongs The DTG-AU drum lifting tongs can be slung ..

Drum Truck Pallet Loader Raptor PL350t1


 About the Drum Truck Pallet Loader PL350 There are two versions of the PT..

Extendable Low-liner forklift Jib Arm - Contact LLX


About the Extendable Low-Liner Forklift Jib Arm  From Contact’s range..

Fork or Crane Drum Tipper - Contact DTRU 3&4


About the DTRU Fork or Crane Drum Tipper One of the main benefits to the D..

Forklift Drum Rim Grab Contact PB


  More about the PB Drum Rim Grab As with our other forklift attachme..

Forklift Drum Rotator Contact DTR-DS 1&2


About the DTR 1&2 Drum Rotator Lifting, rotating and emptying drums has nev..

Forklift Drum Rotator Contact SDR DS


Easily mountable to a fork lift truck this is a versatile and efficient piece of..

Forklift Hook Attachment with adjustable reach - Contact FMHA


Design & benefits of the Forklift Hook Attachment with Adjustable Reach The..

Forklift Hook Attachment with Fixed Reach - Contact FMH


Facts & figures for the FMH Forklift Hook Attachment Essentially this hook ..

Forklift Jib Arm - Contact FMJ


One of many forklift jib arms made by the experts at Contact, this range include..

Horizontal Drum Lifting Tongs Contact DTG-H


More about the Horizontal Drum Lifting Tongs DTG-H Semi-automatic in operation ..

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Material Handling Solutions

Whatever your material handling needs are, we are sure to have a product to suit. We have three main categories of material handling equipment to choose from;

Drum Handling Equipment

Drum handling or barrel handling equipment are most commonly used in the construction and brewery industries, but can be seen anywhere that drums and barrels are handled on a regular basis.

Within our drum handling range we offer drum lifting equipment suitable for attaching to a forklift truck, as well as models which attach to both  cranes and forklifts. We can also supply many types of drum lifters, drum tongs and drum trucks, in fact, everything you need for solving your drum handling requirements can be found here.

So whether you need to simply move drums around, lift them up completely or empty them with a rotator device, you have come to the right place. We have products which are suitable for most types of drums, such as steel drums and mauser drums.

Forklift Accessories & Attachments

If you already own a forklift truck then you could greatly enhance its use with one of our fork accessories. We have forklift hook attachments which simply turns your truck into a mini crane, perfect for under slung drum lifting.

We have forklift Jib arms which also turn the truck into a crane though with a much larger reach. Our forklift extensions are perfect for transporting wider loads and our range of tipping skips are used in numerous areas, such as production and storage areas and construction sites.

Tipping skips are also great for keeping the workplace clean if used for waste removal as they are easy to tip and empty. If you are handling a wider load then you may find our forklift extensions a good option. These provide extra stability for wider loads which can easily tip.

Load Moving Equipment

Moving more modest loads around which are too heavy for most people, yet not large enough for the larger material handling equipment require something a little different. Our load moving equipment range includes scissor lift tables which are great at the end of a workbench, hydraulic tables can be highered or lowered to specific levels enabling easy transferal of items between surfaces of varying heights.

Load moving skates can be very useful gadgets to keep around, even in smaller offices, they are perfect for moving furniture as well as a host of other objects like machinery. Probably the  most popular piece of load moving equipment is the pallet truck which enable easy moving of loads on a pallet, even in tight spaces.

Help and Ordering

If you would like a little advice on choosing the best piece of material handling equipment for your task then simply talk to a member of our team. Call 01384 76961 for all the help you need. Emailing us is another option, you can either use the rapid enquiry form or the contact us page to do this.

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