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Lifting Bags For Construction

Lifting Gear Direct have a great selection of heavy duty lifting bags for construction sites. From bucket lifting bags to solar panel / frame lifting bags and scaffold pole / tube lifting bags and a bag for your scaffold fittings. Find out more below.

Bucket Lifting Bags


Why use a Bucket Lifting Bag Bucket lifting bags are used to lift and transpo..

Solar Panel Lifting Bag


When you need to lift panel or frame type objects the logistics can be quite di..

Tube Lifting Bags


About Tube Lifting Bags Commonly used on construction sites, these tube liftin..

Scaffold Fittings Lifting Bag / Tub


About the Scaffold Fittings Lifting Bag Manufactured from a robust plastic ma..

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About Heavy Duty Lifting Bags for Construction Use

These heavy duty lifting bags for construction site use are made by Pafbag in the UK. They all consist of a triple wall system and most have a robust plastic base plate inside the bottom of the bag for strength, protection and stability.

The tube/pole lifting bags have a steel base for the added strength and protection that is needed for lifting scaffold poles and tube materials.

For added strength and support the majority of these bags will have a hard tray base or a PVC protective boot, some lifting bags will have the choice of either option.

Just like the other lifting bags we supply the lifting sling system complies to EN1492-1 and is contained within a special channel. The sling channel holds the sling in its perfect position to spread the forces applied by the load whilst keeping it balanced. There is also a range of connection options such as wear sleeves and delta rings.

What type of construction lifting bags are Available

Working on a construction site means lifting materials to various heights. Buildings under construction can reach vast heights so getting your materials up there can be difficult, not to mention hazardous.

Tube/Pole Lifting Bagstube lifting bag

During the erection of a scaffold tower, many poles will be required, especially on larger builds. The higher you go the harder and more hazardous it becomes in getting the poles up to where they are needed.

A tube lifting bag is the easy answer. Multiple tubes, poles, pipes and wood battens can be lifted at the same time, quickly and effortlessly. We can also supply a scaffold fittings bag/bucket complete with lid.

bucket lifting bagsBucket Lifting Bags

The use of buckets is second to none on a building site. Sand, cement and other loose materials can be moved around easily in a bucket or the newer trug style buckets. However one or two hands are needed to carry the bucket which makes climbing ladders difficult. By using a bucket lifting bag your materials can be lifted to the level that you are working at effortlessly. What's more there is no risk of the bucket handle breaking as the bag lifting slings are taking the weight.

Frame Lifting Bagsframe lifting bags

Frame lifting bags or panel bags are frequently used for getting solar panels to roof tops, or windows to higher floors. In fact they are great for transporting any frame like load like plasterboard, plywood sheets and signage.

Lifting Cradles.

lifting cradle systemLifting cradles were designed for lifting a watertight Pelicase, however they can be used for lifting and transporting a variety of different shaped objects whether flat or cubic. This is a sling system called the spider and consists of adjustable vertical and horizontal fixing straps to secure the load which are permanently attached to the lifting sling system.

Other Types of Lifting Bags Available

There are numerous types of heavy duty lifting bags around which can handle all manner of loads. A lot will depend on how you wish to handle your load and what type of materials you wish to lift. In our range of lifting bags there are open top bags, closed top bags, lifting bags for lifting gas bottles and other specialist bags. Browse the full range to find your perfect lifting bag system.

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