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Crane Services

Crane Services by Lifting Gear Direct

Lifting Gear Direct offer a range of crane services and hoist services which are carried out by experienced engineers. From the initial purchase of your lifting equipment to installation if required and subsequently repairs, maintenance and inspections throughout its working life, we have you covered.

We understand the impact of a crane breakdown, it can be huge, stopping production can be costly, so we offer a 24/7 crane breakdown service to get you up and running again as soon as possible.

Gantry cranes, Jib cranes, overhead cranes and electric hoists can all be dealt with by our breakdown engineers.

Our other crane services and hoist services include crane repairs & testing, maintenance and thorough inspections according to LOLER regulations. Service and inspection plans can be set up so we can notify you when your equipment is due for servicing.

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Crane Services

Here is the rundown of all our crane and hoist services. From predictive servicing, preventative and corrective maintenance, inspections and supplying new equipment, we offer the complete package of crane services.

Crane Engineers

Lifting Gear Direct has a long serving team of highly experienced crane engineers who have IPAF licences and accredited LOLER training certificates.

With their own vehicles and tools an engineer will visit to assess the situation and carry out immediate crane repairs if possible. Any spares required can usually be obtained quickly, with some common items kept in stock.

We aim to get you up and running as quickly as possible, so when you call us with your crane and/or hoist breakdown, the more information you can give us the better, so we will know more about what we will be up against. This also enables us to predict spares that may be needed and can be brought along on the initial visit. Much time can be saved this way.

Crane Breakdowns

Our crane breakdown services operate around the clock so whenever your crane or hoist breaks down we've got you covered.

When a crane or hoisting system stops working there will be little chance of repairing it yourself, you will need an experienced crane engineer for crane repairs. Sometimes the fault finding is quick and easy, at other times it may be more in depth, rest assured our team will find the problem and fix it if possible.

Crane Servicing and Maintenance

A good way to keep your cranes and hoists operating smoothly is to have them serviced regularly, thus maintaining their optimum performance levels. Keeping your equipment clean will also help. Dust, grease and debris can build up and cause problems with working parts.

Preventative maintenance can be cost efficient in the long run, aiding reliability and safety whilst extending the working life of your equipment. So book your crane services or hoist services with the Lifting GearDirect crane engineers today, call 01384 76961.

Thorough inspections of cranes and hoists

If you have any type of crane or hoisting system it is imperative to have them thoroughly inspected every year. This is the maximum time permitted for an inspection of this type of equipment according to LOLER regulations. The certification provided must be kept on record to show your equipment is safe to operate. Should any issues be found the report will show this and can usually be rectified by the engineer, and subsequently issue a safe to use certificate.

When issues can not be fixed

From time to time a crane or hoist breakdown can not be fixed. This may be due to the failure of a component that is no longer available, or the equipment has reached the end of its working life and/or too costly to repair.

In these circumstances our engineers will advise on the best course of action which will typically be the purchase of new equipment. Lifting Gear Direct can offer you the most cost efficient alternative and get it installed quickly, thus keeping your down time as low as possible.

Service Plan

When we supply and/or install lifting equipment to you we can add you to our servicing register. This alerts us when your annual service/testing and inspection is due, thus we can get you booked in within the time frame stipulated for your equipment. This way your safety records are always up to date. Whether you have multiple types of lifting equipment, a single item or many, we can help. Call our servicing department and our team will book you in.

We manage crane and hoist service plans for many large corporations as well as smaller businesses. From aerospace, defence, breweries and foundries to local factories and manufacturing plans, so you can be assured of professional services.

Safety is paramount when it comes to using any type of lifting equipment, especially gantry cranes and hoists. With regular crane servicing, maintenance and inspections your lifting equipment can be kept in its optimum safe state. This provides you with the confidence your equipment is safe to operate.

Get in touch with our friendly team at Lifting Gear Direct, your leading UK, Midlands based lifting equipment supplier, installer, manufacturer and service provider.

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