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Chain Slings for Industrial Lifting Applications

A chain sling is perfect or those who require an extra level of versatility in industrial settings when lifting heavy items. The selection of chain slings offered at Lifting Gear Direct will suit most needs. Chain configurations include single leg, double leg, 3 leg and 4 leg options. They are available with a choice of connectors and fittings of your choice. 

The advantage of becoming a customer of Lifting Gear Direct and ordering  from us is that we have extensive experience of adjusting the equipment we supply according to requests issued by customers.

Other chain options include endless  slings and stainless steel chain. Our full collection also includes webbing, round and one way slings.

Chain Caddy


About the Chain Caddy The chain caddy has been designed as a portable solution..

Single Leg Chain Sling Grade 8 Single Leg Chain Sling Grade 8

Single Leg Chain Sling Grade 8


 About Grade 8 Single Leg Chain Slings Part of our chain sling line u..

Double Leg chain Sling grade 8 Double Leg chain Sling grade 8

Double Leg chain Sling grade 8


About the Grade 8 Double Leg Chain Sling Packing a pair of legs rather tha..

3 Leg Chain Sling Grade 8 3 Leg Chain Sling Grade 8

3 Leg Chain Sling Grade 8


About the Grade 8 3 Leg Chain Sling  With not one, not two but 3 sepa..

4 Leg Chain Sling Grade 8 4 Leg Chain Sling Grade 8

4 Leg Chain Sling Grade 8


About the 4 Leg Chain Sling in Grade 8   Chain slings from Lifti..

Endless Chain Sling Grade 8


 About the Endless Chain Sling Grade 8 In addition to supplying chain..

Single Leg Chain Sling Grade 10 Single Leg Chain Sling Grade 10

Single Leg Chain Sling Grade 10


About the Grade 10 Single Leg Chain Sling Suitable for lifting lighte..

Double Leg Chain Sling grade 10 Double Leg Chain Sling grade 10

Double Leg Chain Sling grade 10


About the Grade 10 Double Leg Chain Sling  Amongst our large line up ..

3 Leg Chain Sling Grade 10 3 Leg Chain Sling Grade 10

3 Leg Chain Sling Grade 10


About the 3 Leg Chain Sling Grade 10  We produce and supply custom li..

4 Leg Chain Sling grade 10 4 Leg Chain Sling grade 10

4 Leg Chain Sling grade 10


About the 4 Leg Chain Sling grade 10  Fashioned from high quality gra..

Endless Chain Sling Grade 10


About the Endless chain sling Grade 10 For an endless design chain sling, this ..

Stainless Steel Single Leg Chain Sling


About the Stainless Steel Single Leg Chain Sling For a chain sling that wi..

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Chain Slings & Components

Grade 8 & 10 lifting chains

Employing the use of grade eight and grade ten steel, the user can be assured that only the safest platforms are offered through our services. As we appreciate that there is no such concept as "one size fits all"  a number of selections are offered.

Currently, these lifting chains are available in models of up to four individual chains per sling. This will allow for more attachment points and therefore, higher levels of control. Additionally, we can also fit shortening grab hooks to each leg to adjust the chain length.

Chain brands

You can find lots of big brands represented across the different equipment categories on our site, and our chain  line up is no different.

Whether you are looking for components from Gunnebo, Thiele, Cartec or Pewag, you can take your pick from these and many other major names in the shop by brand category. This should give you confidence in the quality of the chain  and components you order from us.

On this page you will find our own Lifting Gear Direct chain slings which are made up to order to your needs.

Chain Sling Customisation options

Chain can be adapted with components and accessories to make your perfect slinging accessory.  All you need to do is ask us and we will endeavour to make up a suitable sling. You can choose from a single leg, double leg, 3 leg or 4 leg  set up as well as an endless chain. You can purchase them online with choices for the safe working load, length, end fitting and whether shortening grabs are required. If you can't see the exact specification you need then just give us a call. Bespoke chain slinging products can be made for you.

More Lifting Slings To Consider

Lifting Gear Direct has an extensive array of other  slings to consider if chain slings are not precisely what you are looking for.

Take our web slings, for example, which offer capacities of between 1 tonne and 10 tonnes. With a number of different hitching configurations achievable, you can create a safe and stable link to an anchor point which will not let you down during complex lifting tasks.

We also offer wear sleeves which can be used in conjunction with any of the lifting sling products we supply. This will improve the lifespan of the sling and also limit any abrasions it might cause to other materials it comes into contact with during use.

For lifting and cargo transport where a single use sling makes sense, our disposable one way slings are similarly effective and customisable, providing you with all the variety you need to hit deadlines.

Wire rope slings are another option to consider.

Get in touch today 

You can browse our full range of chain and related products above; for further details, including ordering and delivery information, please call us direct on 01384 76961 or email us via our online enquiry form.

Here is our short video on how chain slings can be used in different configurations.



What is a chain sling?

A chain sling is a piece of commonly used lifting equipment made up of singular or multiple lengths of steel chain together with chain components to create connection and anchor points

What types of chain slings are there?

Firstly these slings can be made from different types of steel, typically grade 8, grade 10 or stainless. Secondly the design of the can be a single leg, double leg, three leg or four leg  or an endless option. There are many component options to also consider and together with the chain your choices will depend greatly on your lifting operation.

Can you make custom chain slings?

Absolutely, yes. We can make up chain  in any configuration to suit your requirements. Choices include chain diameter, length, safe working load and choice of components, hooks and connectors.

What chain sling components are there?

Components for chain when used as a sling are many and varied, the most common types include master link for connecting multiple lengths of chain and serves as the anchor point. Each chain leg is usually terminated in a hook, of which there are many types clevis, swivel, self locking, foundry hook and many more. Shortening grab hooks are also used for shortening the length of the chain safely when required.

What is a chain lifting sling used for?

Chain lifting slings are used for lifting heavy and/or awkward loads. The top link will be attached to the hoist or crane which does the heavy lifting and the hooks at the lower end of each chain leg are what attaches to the load.

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