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Wire rope slings

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Wire Rope Slings

Wire rope slings come in a range of formats similar to those of the usual chain slings such as single leg, double leg, 3 & 4 leg slings, and with a great choice of rope diameters, constructions and end fittings available you will be able to get a wire rope lifting sling made up to suit your exact requirements in a couple of days. Safe working loads up to 13 tonnes can easily be accommodated with our slings.

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Wire Rope Slings

Wire Rope Sling Benefits

Because wire rope is made up of multiple wires and strands twisted together complete failures are unlikely. Should a few wires break the rest should still hold although any loads should be set down immediately. For this reason they can be more robust than a simple chain sling because if a single chain link breaks, the lift will most likely fail completely.

Wire rope slings can be made up from galvanized steel rope or stainless steel rope with the latter being more suitable to outdoor tasks like marine environments as it will not rust. Different fittings can also be used to suit the particular environment where they will be used, for example in potentially corrosive areas, copper ferrules will be used and for high temperature areas carbon steel ferrules are used.

When used for lifting slings the wire rope will usually be terminated at each end with a thimble eye which gives the benefit of more structure for easier connections and better abrasion resistance to protect the wires. At one end there will be a master link where each sling leg is fitted. It is this end that is used for attachment to the load hook of a hoisting device. At the bottom end of the rope you can add a variety of fittings to best suit the load you are lifting although a safety hook is the preferred option. These fittings are usually permanently fitted during the sling manufacturing process to provide the most robust and safest sling possible.

Wire Rope Sling Types

Lifting Gear Direct offer a great choice of wire rope slings suitable for many lifting tasks and are made up in our workshop to suit your requirements.

Single Leg wire rope sling

This type has just one length of wire rope with thimble eyes at both ends,

one will have a master link and the other a safety hook as standard.

single leg wire rope sling

Double Leg Wire Rope Sling2 leg wire rope sling

There will be two lengths of wire rope in this set up, again with

thimble eyes, master link and safety hooks as standard.

3 Leg Wire Rope Sling3 leg wire rope sling

This set up is just like the single and double leg slings

but with 3 lengths of wire rope.

4 leg wire rope sling4 Leg Wire Rope Sling

Four lengths of wire rope are attached to the master link

in this set up, again with 4 safety hooks.

Endless Wire Rope Sling

Endless slings can be made up to any length

and have no additional fittings.

endless wire rope slings

Soft Eye Wire Rope Slings

This type of assembly does not incorporate the

thimble in the eyes making them more flexible.

soft eye wire rope slings

All the above slings can be customised to suit your requirements, lengths, fittings, rope construction and SWL; simply give us a call or drop us an email with your specifics and we will quote you accordingly.

Where and How are Wire Rope Slings Used

These types of lifting slings are often utilised in the lifting gear and engineering industries but their uses are widespread. They are typically used as a means of attaching a load to a crane or hoist. Wire rope slings can be used in different ways although straight lifting where the rope remains straight is the norm. Basket and choke hitch types can be done but will require a more flexible rope construction. Over time if used this way repeatedly the rope will remain in this curved form rather than straightening out when released from the hitch.

Other Types Of Lifting Slings

If our wire rope slings are not right for your needs then take a look at our other types oflifting slings. We can offer custom chain slings and webbing slings as well as round slings, one way disposable slings and the latest innovation - Tycan chain, like a chain sling but made from soft yet strong Dynema fibre for a lighter weight slinging option.

Need help? No problem, call the team on 01384 76961 we are happy to offer advice where needed.

           wire rope sling examples


What Configurations do Wire Rope Slings Come In?

Typically the same as a chain sling – single leg, double leg, 3 leg or 4 leg slings as well as endless slings each having a master link connection and usually a choice of end fittings for load attachment.

What Lifting Capacities do your wire rope slings lift?

Lifting Gear Direct can custom make your wire rope sling with lifting capacities topping out at around 13 tonnes.

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