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Buy Pneumatic Air Hoists for Powered Lifting without Electric

An air hoist or pneumatic hoist are some of the most modern and reliable instruments which are used in a variety of commercial and industrial lifting applications. Using a pneumatic, compressed air supply rather than electric they supply more than adequate lifting power, multiple design features, and a truly robust build, these hoists will provide both safety and reliability.

At Lifting Gear Direct, we supply a number of air hoists at keen prices that are only of the highest quality. By offering trusted brand names such as Yale, the Red Rooster air hoist or the JD-Neuhaus air hoists, even the most difficult of jobs can be tackled with unsurpassed levels of efficiency.

Red Rooster TCR-1000 & TCR-2000/2 Air Hoist


The TCR air hoist series are ideal for both industrial type settings as well as ..

Yale CPA Air Hoist + ATEX Version


Features of the Yale CPA Air Hoist The Yale CPA Air Hoist comes in lifting..

Yale CPA-HD Heavy Duty Air Hoist + Atex Version


Key Features of the Yale CPA-HD Heavy Duty Air Hoist This CPA heavy duty a..

Red Rooster Bench Handling hoist TMM-140A


Key Elements of the Red Rooster Bench Handling hoist TMM-140A one handed..

Red Rooster Pneumatic Chain Hoist TCR-500 & TCR-1000/2


Key Features of the Red Rooster Pneumatic Chain Hoist TCR-500 & TCR-100..

JDN Air Hoist M Series


About the JDN Air Hoist M Series The JDN "M" series air hoists are ideal f..

JDN Mini Air Hoist


About the JDN Mini Air Hoist   The Mini series of air hoists by ..

JDN Profi 025TI - 2TI Air Hoists


About the JDN Profi 025TI - 2TI Air Hoist This is the smallest range of JD..

JDN Profi 1.5TI - 3TI/2 Air Hoists


About the JDN Profi 1.5TI - 3TI/2 Air Hoist J.D.Neuhaus PROFI Air hoists i..

JDN Profi 25TI - 100TI Air Hoists


About the JDN Profi 25TI - 100TI Air Hoist The largest range of air hoists..

JDN PROFI 3TI - 20TI Air Hoists


About the JDN PROFI 3TI - 20TI Air Hoist SWL's from 3t up to 20 tonne are ..

Red Rooster High Speed Air Hoists TCS-500 & TCS-980


These two air hoists can lift loads of up to 500k and 980kg respectively. L..

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Air Hoists

We provide an extensive range of air hoists

Offering various uses including commercial and industrial, we are happy to supply a wide range of dimensions and weight options to choose from. Our extensive range includes a variety of air hoists capable of dealing with loads and at sizes to suit your needs, usage and location. Please feel free to browse through our bespoke online selection and should you need any further details or if you have additional questions, this information can be obtained by filling out our handy rapid enquiry form.

JDN air hoist

JDN is one of the manufacturers we work with to supply our customers with high quality air hoist products. Its range includes several different models that provide varied capacities, features and functions.

The JDN M Series air hoist lineup is a specialised example that offers impressive performance in underground lifting scenarios, as well as in more general commercial settings. WLLs top out at 6 tonnes and it can achieve this with a limited amount of pressure maintained to limit air consumption and improve efficiency.

The JDN Mini Air Hoist is a surprisingly compact and powerful option, boasting a capacity of up to 980kg and delivering lifting heights of 8 metres. Its modest size means that it can work in areas where space is restricted, while its control scheme makes it possible to achieve one handed operation without compromising on safety.

Red Rooster air hoist

Another of the mainstream air hoist brands we work with is Red Rooster, which offers products that are suited to light, mid and heavy duty lifting tasks.

The TCR-1000 air hoist is a good example of what it offers. It uses a single chain fall to achieve a capacity of 1 tonne and is equipped with a number of failsafe features, including an automatic internal disc brake system that will kick in to avert disaster. The cast steel casing that houses all of the hoist’s components is tough and durable, while the availability of ATEX-rated models means you can pick an option which is suited to your specific industry.

For high speed functionality, the TCS-500 from Red Rooster is an air hoist that can get the job done in no time flat. It has an epicycle gearbox and can hit lifting speeds of up to 33 metres per minute when unloaded, or 17 metres per minute when it is handling heavy equipment or goods.

Yale air hoist

One of the top brands in the entire lifting equipment sector, Yale’s family of air hoists is an understandably popular option for fans of the manufacturer’s other work.

The standard Yale CPA air hoist is a good all-rounder, with models starting out at a 125kg lifting capacity and reaching 980kg in the sturdiest incarnation. Settling load limits is simple using the integrated switches and there is an emergency stop function that will lessen the likelihood of accidents happening. This hoist can be combined with other hardware, including beam attachments, allowing it to be put to good use straight away.

The CPA-HD is a heavy duty equivalent of Yale’s primary air hoist, with the most powerful example offering a load limit of 10 tonnes. The planetary gearbox is perpetually lubricated by the oil bath it occupies, allowing for smooth and consistent performance time after time. The hoist is also designed to keep noise levels low and ensure that optimal torque is applied from the moment it is activated. This is a good example of the kind of performance you can expect from the high quality air hoists that we stock. 

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What is an air hoist?

An air hoist is a lifting hoist that is powered by compressed air rather than electricity. Therefore a suitable air supply will be required to power the hoist.

Are air hoists as fast as electric hoists?

That will depend on the models. In some cases yes in other cases they can be faster or a little slower

What weights can air hoists lift?

The largest capacity air hoist that we can supply is a whopping 100 tonnes from the JDN Profi series

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