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Minifor - the Compact Wire Rope Hoist

The Minifor hoist or Minifor winch is much more compact than a typical wire rope crane hoist and therefore can be used in a variety of locations. The Minifor can be used with unlimited cable enabling lifting and lowering to great heights. With push button or wireless remote control options, the Minifor is a great wire rope hoist for construction sites. We have many other types of hoisting equipment available at Lifting Gear Direct.

Wire Rope For Minifor

Wire Rope For Minifor


About the Wire Rope For Minifor Hoists The special maxiflex wire rope with..

Minifor Hoist TR30S

Minifor Hoist TR30S


About the Minifor Hoist TR30S The minifor TR30S is available in 3 voltages..

Minifor Hoist TR125SY


About the Minifor Hoist TR125SY This TR125SY special Minifor incorporates ..

Minifor Hoist TR30 Minifor Hoist TR30

Minifor Hoist TR30


About the Minifor Hoist TR30Lift and pull loads up to 300kg in many directi..

Minifor Hoist TR10 Minifor Hoist TR10

Minifor Hoist TR10


 About the Minifor Hoist TR10Compact and lightweight the Minifor TR10&..

Minifor Hoist TR50

Minifor Hoist TR50


 About the Minifor Hoist TR50 Using a Minifor hoist is easy thank..

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About Minifor Hoists

The Minifor is a powered lifting device with a single or three phase power supply needed. They can lift loads up to 500kg at a rate of up to 15 metres per minute, all depending on the model chosen.

They are operated with a push button control or radio control which is available as an optional extra. With safety in mind, there is an incorporated braking system and upper & lower end stops there is also an emergency stop button.

Minifor's need to use a specifically specified rope which we can supply in any length.

Uses of the Minifor Hoist

 Minifor hoists are designed to lift and pull objects over long distances, offering a lifting force of hundreds of kilograms. They are used with wire rope, and the length of this rope will determine the distance that can be travelled. These devices are smaller than cranes and can be used on a variety of job sites. This easy-to-use and lightweight equipment is operated using a push-button control, but can also be fitted with a wireless remote control or a wire rope reeling device. 

Lifting Gear Direct stocks the best and most trusted brands in the construction sector, including robust and reliable Minifor hoists. Choose from our selection of these powerful portable electric lifting hoists and wire rope, including single phase and three phase models. Minifor hoists are available in 100, 300, 500kg configurations. If you need help determining the right model, including which voltage and speed configuration is best suited for your needs, contact us by using our enquiry form.

Other Winches And Hoists

Lifting Gear Direct can supply many other kinds of winches and hoisting devices. We have an extensive range of hoists including both manually operated devices and powered devices. Electric hoists, chain blocks and lever hoists are some of our best sellers. You can also browse our block and tackle range and collection of pull winches.

Lifting Gear Direct also offer a range of wire rope winches to include manual, electric and pneumatic varieties. Of course, we can also supply any type of wire rope to your specification, thanks to our own machinery and rope workshops.

Need Help with a Minifor Hoist?

If you have any questions or need a little advice before deciding on the right product for your needs then give us a call. 01384 76961 is the number you need. You can also email us via the contact us page or rapid enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you.


What is a Minifor Hoist?

A Minifor hoist is a small lifting hoist which uses wire rope on a reeling system. It can lift and pull loads over longer distances and will depend on the length of wire rope 100 meters or more is possible.

What voltage options are ther for a Minifor hoist?

110v, 210v or 400v are the options available for a Minifor winch, dependant on the model chosen.

Can I buy extra wire rope for a Minifor hoist?

Yes you can. We can supply the special rope specifically for use with the minifor hoist in any length.

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