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FIBC Bulk Bag Lifting

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FIBC Bulk bag lifting equipment is used to aid in the lifting and handling of those big bags used to transport loose materials in bulk quantities such as building materials, aggregates, grain and fertilizer. Lifting Gear Direct has a good choice of bulk bag lifting devices suitable for fork lift attachment of crane slung.

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What is an FIBC Bulk Bag Lifter?

To begin the term FIBC means a flexible intermediate bulk container. They are essentially a big bag typically made from flexible, woven polypropylene. They are square in shape and incorporate a strong looped handle at each corner or close to.

FIBC bulk bag lifting equipment refers to a device specifically to aid in the safe lifting of these big heavy bags. They commonly incorporate some type of frame with a specific place to safely attach the bag handles too. There are multiple bulk bag lifters on the market and your choice will depend on how you wish to handle your FIBC bags. There are multiple types of bulk bag lifting aids which can be fitted to your forklift truck, whilst others can be mounted to a crane and hoisting system.

Where and Why are FIBC Big Bag Lifters Used?

There are many industries that will use a bulk bag lifting device because they need to constantly handle loose goods. These bags and lifters enable vast amounts of loose loads to be lifted and moved in one go, a task that would otherwise be physically draining and extremely long winded were it to be done manually.

An FIBC bulk bag and lifting device will remove the majority of physical effort required whilst greatly speeding up the process and therefore increasing productivity.

Bulk bag lifters and big bags can be used for handling most types of dry products and therefore are used across more areas that can be mentioned here. A few examples of areas of use include agriculture and farming for handling grain, flour, seed and fertiliser, animal feed etc. Building sites for handling sand and rubble waste; Domestic garden use, food processing industries, chemical industries for dry powdered chemicals, mining, and many many more.

What type of Bulk Bag Lifters are there?

A quick Google search will yield results for many different types of big bulk bag lifters. Some are used suspended from a crane and/or hoist, and some can be fitted to a forklift truck. They also come in a variety of formats, square shaped, cross shaped, and single arm 1 hook style. Lifting Gear Direct can supply a good selection of the most commonly used FIBC bulk bag lifters from each type and your choice will depend on the equipment you already have and how you wish to handle the big bags.

Take a look at the full collection and compare all the different types of big bag lifting equipment we have to offer, don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any help or advice, we are always happy to help.


What is a bulk bag lifting frame?

 A bulk bag lifter refers to a framework with integral hooks to which the loops on a bulk lifting bag can be fitted in order to easily and safely lift.

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