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Pump Lifting Chains

Lift Submersible Pumps with a Pump Lifting Chain

Pump lifting chains are designed to simplify the lowering and raising of submersible pumps. From sewers to waterworks, these robust steel chains are made especially for lifting in underwater settings. As such they are capable of staying corrosion-free for as long as possible, even with moisture in the air and complete immersion on the cards. At Lifting Gear Direct you can buy them right now at keen prices, we also have a range of other lifting chains and chain sling options also available.

Grade 316 Stainless Steel Pump Lifting Chain


About Grade 316 Stainless Steel Pump Lifting Chain There is much more to t..

Grade 40 High Tensile Steel Pump Lifting Chain


Just one of the options available in our pump lifting chain range, this particul..

Grade 50 Stainless steel Pump Lifting Chain


For the ultimate in corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal, our grade 50 stai..

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Pump Lifting Chains

Various grades of pump lifting chains

We supply pump lifting chains in various grades of high tensile steel, including stainless steel options. Our chains are available in Grade 40 steel as well as Grade 50 and Grade 316 stainless steel. To suit different underwater handling needs, our selection of reliable and sturdy pump lifting chains includes a variety of sizes from 6 millimetres to 26 millimetres. We also provide chains with different finishes, including a polished steel option.  

Lifting Gear Direct supplies, the very best pump lifting chains from leaders in the sector. Our dependable and effective equipment meets  industry standards to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Grade 316 Stainless Steel Pump Lifting Chain

This material is especially resistant to the kinds of corrosion that can occur as a result of exposure to water. With working load limits of between 400kg and 4 tonnes, there are chains in this range that can cope with some fairly significant weights.

Grade 40 High Tensile Steel Pump Lifting Chain

Made using a common type of steel that is made all the more effective for pump lifting duties thanks to its hot dipped galvanized finish, this chain has a broader range of lifting capacities than its Grade 316 counterpart. Starting at 300kg and topping out at 6 tonnes, there should be a chain to meet your requirements right here.

Grade 50 Stainless Steel Pump Lifting Chain

Like many of our stainless steel lifting accessories, this pump lifting chain comes with a polished finish that helps with general maintenance and also leaves it looking good. While aesthetics may not matter much to some customers, to others this will make a real difference and could help enhance the appeal of this particular chain.

The stronger, higher quality steel used here also helps with load limits, as it has a 6.3 tonne safe capacity for the largest example.

Choosing Submersible Pump Chains

There are a number of considerations to factor into your decision-making process when sifting through our pump lifting chains. Price is obviously an important point, so it is worth using our contact details to get a quote from our sales team to help narrow down the field. Load limit is also relevant, with variations depending on the weight of the pump itself and the heft of the chain according to its length.

We can supply a pump chain with whatever attachments you require, such as stainless steel shackles  which share the corrosion-resistant properties of these products. Take your time and ask for help if you need it.                                                                                                             

Get in touch today

If you need more information about our pump lifting chains or other lifting slings, contact us by using our online enquiry form. You can also give us a ring on 01384 76961. Our experienced team are always a pleasure to talk to and will be able to give you a quote as well as answer any questions you might have about our products.


What is pump chain?

A pump lifting chain is a special type of lifting chain specifically for lifting and lowering submersible pumps, commonly used in the water industry.

How is a pump chain different from standard chain?

Pump chains are different from normal because they have an extra, larger, oval link at repetitive intervals along the chain.

How does a pump lifting chain work?

When pumps are lowered into the ground a pump chain is used and left attached with the top link secured to an accessible point for easy retrieval. When retrieving the pump from its hole the pump chain can be manually lifted or winched in 1 metre increments. At each meter there is a large link which can be held or loaded onto an appropriate anchor point/hook to take the strain, this allows the pump to be raised slowly and safely. Tripod frames or aluminium gantries can be used during retrieval.

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