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Hydraulic Cylinders

All types of hydraulic cylinders available at Lifting Gear Direct

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Hydraulic Cylinders can be used for lifting, pushing, pulling, bending and holding operations and come in a vast range of configurations; various lifting and force capacities, stroke lengths and sizes are readily available with single acting or double acting returns as well as solid or hollow plunger hydraulic cylinder types. There are many other different types of hydraulic equipment here on the Lifting Gear Direct website for easy comparison.

Hydraulic shorty cylinders

Hydraulic shorty cylinders


About the Low Height Hydraulic Cylinders More compact in design these cylinders..

Single Acting Hollow Cylinders

Single Acting Hollow Cylinders


About the Single Acting Hollow Cylinders Hollow cylinders can be used as a..

Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders


Single Acting Cylinders Available There is an extensive range of these cylinder..

Low Profile Pad Hydraulic Cylinders

Low Profile Pad Hydraulic Cylinders


 About the Low Height Cylinder With fully retracted height between 40 &..

Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders


Double Acting Cylinders Available We have a huge range of double acting cylinde..

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Hydraulic Cylinders

Types of Hydraulic Cylinders

Double acting hydraulic cylinders greatly improve the operating speed and overall performance when compared to a single acting cylinder. They also give considerable pulling forces whilst in the piston retraction operation mode.

We can supply low height and shorty pancake cylinders as well as multi-purpose cylinders and lightweight aluminium cylinders in single or double acting return depending on the type chosen. The majority having spring assisted return for ease of use.

Hydraulic cylinders are used in everyday operations as well as more obscure lifting applications. They are ideal in tight spaces for lifting heavy objects; they are often used for lifting/moving heavy structures, aligning machinery and for temporary holding structures/objects whilst a permanent support is fitted, and much more: They are frequently used in a variety of industries such as, fire and rescue, oil and gas, construction, ship building, railways, steel-works, structural welding positioning, rigging, power plants and much more.

Other Hydraulic lifting equipment

Hydraulic cylinders are just one of the products we can supply at a great price in amongst our full hydraulic lifting equipment line up.

Customers who consider this kind of kit for their lifting applications may also want to check out our hydraulic bottle jacks, which are commonly used to help with maintaining and repairing vehicles by both domestic owners and commercial operators. With lots of WLLs available across models in this range, whether you are hoping to hoist a small car or a large van, we should have something in stock that is suitable.

Other common choices in this range include hydraulic floor jacks for more versatility when lifting loads, as well as hydraulic pumps which are required to power certain types of equipment.

Other lifting kit to consider

Of course if a hydraulic powered product is not quite what you are looking for, Lifting Gear Direct is more than capable of supplying an alternative solution.

We can build bespoke crane and gantry systems, we can supply high quality hoisting equipment, we can ship out lifting accessories that you need to replace old components and we can generally fulfil almost any request made to us.

Our range even extends to include products in the material handling and height safety categories, allowing us to serve customers across almost every industry.

Order a hydraulic cylinder right now

Take a look at our range of hydraulic cylinders from leading brand names, Enerpac, Hi-Force and Yale, complete our online rapid enquiry form available here or give us a call on 01384 76961 if you need more specific information.

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