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Single acting hollow cylinders

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Single Acting Hollow Cylinders

Single Acting Hollow Cylinders

These hydraulic cylinders have a hollow or hole in the centre. The reason for this hole is to allow a special rod which is threaded to be inserted through the cylinder to achieve larger distances even whilst using a short stroke model.

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About the Single Acting Hollow Cylinders

Hollow cylinders can be used as a power source for puller sets and test rigs for example; pre-stressing anchors, removing axles, tubes & shafts are all achievable with a hollow cylinder, though perhaps one of the most common uses will be for heavy duty pulling applications and repairs and assembly tasks.

The rod can be adjusted via the nut to obtain larger distances.

Lifting Gear Direct can supply these single acting hollow cylinders in a range of models which have lifting capacities from 10 tonne up to 100 tonne and with standard stroke lengths between 41mm and 75mm depending which model you choose. All the technical specifications are in the tables below should you need more information.

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Model Cyl. Cap. Stroke Cyl. Effective Area Oil Cap. Retracted Height Extended Height Cyl. Out Dia. Centre Hole Dia. Collar Thread Collar Thread Length. Base to Inlet Port Weight Pump
  (tons) (mm) (cm2  (cc) A B C D E F G (kgs)  
TCH-1041 10 41 17.6 70.5 121 162 70 20 - - 25 2.8 1B
TCH-2050 20 50 31.67 158.4 162 212 98 27 1  9/16 24 20 7.6 1B
 TCH-3063 30 63 47.7 300.6 179 242 115 33 M48xP1.5 20 21 10.9 1B
TCH-5075 50 75 87.46 656 249 324 158 54 M70xP2 28 30 27.2 1C
TCH-10075 100 75 143.13 1049 254 329 216 80 M103xP2 28 35 52.5 1C