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Fork Protection

Get extra Protection for Fork Lift Forks and loads

The fork protection category at Lifting Gear Direct offers a collection of forklift fork covers in order to protect both the forks and the load you are handling. Read on below to find out more.

FPS Fork Protection Sleeves


About the FPS Fork Protection Sleeve Made from high quality 8mm thick steel a..

MFC Magnetic Fork Covers


MFC Magnetic Fork Cover Details The MFC magnetic fork covers are ideal for a ..

FSS Fork Sock Protective Covers


FSS Fork Sock Details When you are handling loads with your forklift truck tha..

FBB Forklift Fork Bumper


About the FFB Forklift Fork Bumper Manufactured in pressed steel these forkli..

FBF Forklift Fork Fender


About the FBF Forklift Fork Fender The forks on a forklift truck extend some..

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Forklift Fork Protection

Due to the nature of the forks on a forklift truck it can be the case that the loads you are handling will get marked and/or damaged especially when handling more delicate objects. Sometimes the forks themselves can get damaged during the load handling process. With a fork protection sleeve or fork cover both the forks and the load will have greater protection against damage. There is also another device often called a fork bumper or fork buffer. These fit to the upright section at the back of the forks to offer rear protection when a load bumps into the rear of the forks.

Types of Protective Fork Covers

Lifting Gear Direct can supply a number of different protective fork covers for your forklift truck and your choice will depend on numerous factors. Firstly the type of load you want to protect, secondly the type of fork connection. The size and length of your forks should also be taken into consideration.

The FPS fork protection sleeve is made from steel like the fork extenders but these have a 3mm thick polyurethane coating to offer hard wearing and durable protection against marks and damage.

The MFC fork covers are magnetic for a quick fit to the top of the forks and have a rubber top for great load protection.

The FSS is a protective sock made from hard wearing polyester webbing to protect against marking and scratching.

The FBB is a fork bumper fitted to the rear upright of the forks to act as a buffer or shock absorber thus preventing load and fork damage if the truck is driven in too quickly/aggressively.

The FBF is a high vis fork fender to highlight the end of the forks to prevent accidents.

More Forklift Truck Attachments

Please browse our fork protection range and compare the properties of each one to determine which is the best cover for your requirements. Don't forget we have an extensive range of forklift truck attachments to further enhance the usefulness of your truck. From tipper skips and hook attachments to sleeve extensions, jib arms and drum handling attachments.

So if you have a forklift truck you can use it to lift and move many types of loads, this can be much more cost effective than buying a crane and hoist for example to lift your loads. These attachments also means you are making the most of your truck which would otherwise sit redundant for long periods.


Why use fork protectors?

Adding fork protectors to your forklift truck will not only offer protection to the forks themselves, elongating the lifespan, but will also offer good protection to the loads you are picking up.

What types of fork protection covers are there?

There are a few different types of fork protection sleeves, some are made from soft webbing material for optimal load protection, some are steel, offering optimum fork protection and some have rubber grips with magnetic fork adhesion for quick fitting, load protection and optimal grip. Fork bumpers add protection to the rear carriage and loads whilst the fork fender simply highlights the fork tips when not in use.

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