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Forklift fork fender

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FBF Forklift Fork Fender

FBF Forklift Fork Fender

The FBF forklift fork fender is a safety device to highlight the position of the forks in order to prevent unnecessary accidents.

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About the FBF Forklift Fork Fender

The forks on a forklift truck extend some way out from the main body of the vehicle and whether the forks are fully lowered, raised or somewhere midway bare forks can present a hazard to pedestrians, whether stationary or on the move.

The FBF forklift fork fender is made from a bright yellow dense foam making it highly visible. The fender incorporates 2 large fork pockets to fit most fork sizes and simply slide onto the ends of the forks, no fixings are required.

The fender can be used whilst the truck is in use and can be particularly useful if there are pedestrians in the area of operation. It is just as important to make the fork tips clearly visible when they are not moving, using the FBF fender can prevent people from tripping over the forks if they are in a low position or banging their heads if the forks are raised.

The FBF fork fender is a low cost safety device to safeguard against potential accidents. They ensure the forks can be clearly seen at all time but if someone does happen to bump into them the soft foam will offer good protection from any serious harm.

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Model Colour Fork Slot Size Fork Spread Weight Total Width Total Depth Total Height
FBF-C Yellow 300 x 15mm 790mm 2kg 1000mm 85mm 100mm