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FSS fork sock

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FSS Fork Sock Protective Covers

FSS Fork Sock Protective Covers

The FSS fork sock is a full protective cover which slide over the forks of a forklift truck offering protection to both loads and forks. 9 sizes to choose from, sold in pairs.

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FSS Fork Sock Details

When you are handling loads with your forklift truck that you don't want damage to occur too such as scratched paintwork then a set of FSS fork socks could be the solution for you.

Manufactured from strong and thick polyester webbing your loads will be offered much higher protection from marking/scratching from the forks.

The FSS fork shoe socks completely cover the forks at the top, bottom and sides. They are held onto the forks with the attached cam buckle straps which are positioned around the rear of the fork to ensure the remain secure.

The FSS fork cover comes in 9 sizes to suit a good variety of fork sizes in terms of both width and length. Width choices are 100mm, 125mm or 150mm and fork length choices are 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm so you can choose any combination, for example 100 x 1500mm or perhaps 150 x 1200mm. Take accurate measurements of your forks before choosing the best size and let us know the thickness of your forks prior to ordering to ensure you get the best possible fit.

More Forklift Truck Attachments

Forklift trucks are a great piece of equipment and are typically used for loading and off loading palletised loads. However did you know that forklifts can be used in other ways? With the right attachment you could really put your truck to good use rather than it sitting idle. For example a Jib arm attachment would turn your forklift into a small crane; a lifting hook attachment would enable you to suspend a load beneath the forks. Lifting Gear Direct can supply an extensive range of fork lift truck attachments including those already mentioned as well as tipping skips, fork extensions and more fork protection covers.

Always remember to take into account the safe working load capacity of your truck as well as the weight of the attachment and load.

Model To Suit Fork Width To Suit Fork Length
FSS 100-1200 100mm 1200mm
FSS 100-1500 100mm 1500mm
FSS 100-1800 100mm 1800mm
FSS 125-1200 125mm 1200mm
FSS 125-1500 125mm 1500mm
FSS 125-1800 125mm 1800mm
FSS 150-1200 150mm 1200mm
FSS 150-1500 150mm 1500mm
FSS 150-1800 150mm 1800mm
Please inform us of your fork depth/thickness for perfect fit.