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Lifting Gear Direct supply standard duplex colour coded flat webbing slings and webbing straps for easy SWL identification. These products form part of our fully featured family of lifting slings & lifting straps helping you to complete all types of operations as safely and efficiently as possible. You can see all the technical details about the flat web slings we stock in the table below. Prices start from just £1.62 for a 1 tonne duplex web sling.  Custom webbing slings can also be made to order in our own workshop.

1 Tonne Duplex Web Sling

1 Tonne Duplex Web Sling


1 Tonne Duplex Web sling Features Here we have a 1 tonne duplex web sling which..

2 Tonne Duplex Web Sling

2 Tonne Duplex Web Sling


About the 2 Tonne Duplex Web sling This is a 2 tonne duplex web sling, perfec..

3 Tonne Duplex Web Sling

3 Tonne Duplex Web Sling


3 Tonne Duplex Web sling Features At Lifting Gear Direct you can order lifting ..

4 Tonne Duplex Web Sling

4 Tonne Duplex Web Sling


4 Tonne Duplex Web sling Features  Ideal for organising safe lifting opera..

5 Tonne Duplex Web Sling

5 Tonne Duplex Web Sling


5 Tonne Duplex Web sling Features Order an excellent duplex websling with a 5 t..

6 Tonne Duplex Web Sling

6 Tonne Duplex Web Sling


6 Tonne Duplex Web sling Features Webslings come in lots of different sizes to ..

8 Tonne Duplex Web Sling

8 Tonne Duplex Web Sling


8 Tonne Duplex Web sling Features  At Lifting Gear Direct we produce and s..

10 Tonne Duplex Web Sling


10 Tonne Duplex Web sling Features  Like the rest of its stable mates, thi..

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Webbing Slings & Web Straps

 We have provided a rundown of the main features, options and benefits associated with these products to help you come to a decision. If you still need guidance, our specialists will be able to assist when you get in touch with Lifting Gear Direct

Webbing Lifting Straps Quick Overview

  • Available in simplex (single thickness) Duplex (double thickness) and Endless variations.
  • Various widths available, from 30mm up to 300mm in simplex and 600mm in duplex and endless. 
  • Depending on the hitch type used, the SWL can go from 500kg up to 80 tonnes. 
  • Suitable for the main hitch types, vertical; choke and basket types. 
  • Made from high tensile polyester. 
  • UV resistant and moisture resistant. 
  • Lightweight with very low elongation. 
  • Optional wear sleeves available. 
  • Lengths and end fittings to suit your requirements.

Web Sling Material Advantages

As already mentioned, the polyester which is used to produce our flat slings is equipped with a surprisingly high tensile strength. Its fibres not only allow for a range of load capacities, but also have the ability to fight fatigue and remain safe and effective for longer. 

Another important asset of this material is its general resilience in the face of environments which might create problems if you were using a natural fibre in place of a synthetic one. Mould and mildew will not accumulate quickly or threaten the integrity of the sling, so you can lift with complete confidence, time and time again, whether indoors or out. 

These perks of polyester go hand in hand with its sturdiness when exposed to sunlight on a regular basis. Some materials will degrade when UV rays come into the equation, but our flat web slings will not suffer in this way. 

Convenient Design of Webbing Slings

The colour coding that is applied to this line up of slings is not only about improving productivity, but also about enhancing safety. You will never be confused about the load capacity of each sling because the colour gives a clear indication as to its capabilities. A similar system is used for our round slings, so you may already be familiar with its codification and intentions. 

At the lower end of the scale, our basic black slings will be suitable for between 400kg and 700kg of load bearing. The configuration of the sling itself will determine the safe working load, so be sure to check carefully to buy the right product. Meanwhile the sturdiest slings around are orange in colour and are available in a variety of widths to give you that optimal 80 tonne capacity. 


As we touched upon in the quick feature overview for this range, when you buy flat webbing slings from Lifting Gear direct you can also include extra features, such as wear sleeves. These sleeves cover the surface of the sling, sitting between it and any load it is supporting or equipment it is being used in conjunction with. 

A wear sleeve does exactly what the name suggests; prevents wear and tear that could otherwise occur as a result of friction and abrasions during lifting operations

Customisation of Flat Web Slings

Wear sleeves are just the start when it comes to your customisation options for ordering these slings. We can make adjustments to the length so that it has exactly the dimensions you require. We can add components to the end as well, pulling from our line of lifting accessories that cover every possible eventuality. 

This level of control over the products we offer applies across many of our ranges. From chain slings to tailor made jib cranes, you can ask us to create something that is made to measure and manufactured using the latest technologies and techniques. 


Other Products to Consider

If you have specific lifting duties to take care of, then you will find a lot of excellent options on our site, all priced affordably to meet a variety of budgets. If you are concerned about corrosion resistance, our stainless steel lifting chains and components could be a good investment. If you want to lift loads effectively for one off tasks, then our disposable one way option will meet your requirements. Wire Rope slings offer another alternative slinging method.

You can even ensure safety with our load and force calculation equipment, work effectively at height with our kits and keep everything running smoothly with our lifting equipment inspections and testing. 

Contact us for Swift Sling Orders

You can call 01384 76961 to speak with a Lifting Gear Direct team member about our lifting gear, or  visit this page to send us an email containing your contact details and your question. We can provide quick quotes for any potential order, so you do not need to commit until you are totally confident that we are offering you the best deal.


What is a web sling?

These slings are a useful piece of lifting equipment used for lifting heavy loads. Made from heavy duty webbing material in a range of widths, lengths and safe working loads, typically with reinforced soft eyes at each end for attaching to a hoist or crane hook.

How long can a web sling be?

Our standard range of webbing slings range from 1 metre to 10 or 12 metre lengths, however we can often make custom slings in our workshop to suit your requirements, so please get in touch to see if we can help.

Why are webbing slings different colours?

Webbing slings used for lifting applications normally use an industry standard colour coding set up for safety reasons, so that the safe working load of the sling can easily be identified from a distance, quickly. For example a 2 tonne sling is green where as an 8 tonne sling is blue.

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