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William Hackett

 Founded in 1892 William Hackett’s began by making chains and harrows which are still continuously made to this day. In 1989 the company expanded and a lifting division was opened in Northumberland. William Hackett’s has over 110 years of experience passed down through generations which have led them to become recognised worldwide for their innovative lifting products.  They pride themselves on their unique IT system which offers supply chain integrity, quality and value. William Hackett have established long term partnerships with McKinnon Chain and Yoke industrial Corp in order to provide the best quality products all of which adhere to the most current safety standards. Here at Lifting Gear Direct we can supply a range of Hackett’s products including lever hoists and chain blocks.

Hacketts Products Supplied By Lifting Gear Direct

C4 Atex Chain Block C4 Atex Chain Block

C4 Atex Chain Block


Key Features of the Atex C4 Chain BlockThe C4 meets British standards to BS EN..

Hacketts Geared Trolley - WH-GT


About the Hacketts Geared Trolley – WH-GTEasier to use and position precisely th..

Hacketts Fixed Jaw Beam Clamp - WH-BC


About the WH-BC Fixed Jaw Beam ClampThis super clamp from William Hackett is ..

Adjustable Beam Trolley Clamp

Adjustable Beam Trolley Clamp


About the WH-AT Adjustable Beam TrolleyBritish standards BS 13157:2004 + Al:20..

Hacketts Heavy Duty Chain Block Hacketts Heavy Duty Chain Block

Hacketts Heavy Duty Chain Block


 With a tough, sturdy design it is built to work seamlessly in a number of ..

Hacketts Universal Beam Clamp - WH-UBC


About the WH-UBC Universal Beam ClampThis beam clamp incorporates an adjustabl..

Hacketts Dual Speed Chain Hoist


Key Features of the Hacketts Dual Speed Chain HoistWhen this hoist is holding ..

Subsea Lever Hoist Hacketts SS L5


About the SS L5 Subsea Lever Hoist The SS L5 subsea ratchet lever hoist surpass..

Hacketts L4 Heavy Duty Pull Winch Hacketts L4 Heavy Duty Pull Winch

Hacketts L4 Heavy Duty Pull Winch


About the Hacketts Heavy Duty L4 Pull Winch The design and specifications of th..

Rail Approved Lever Hoist


 About the Overhead Line & Rail Industry Lever Hoist  This ratche..

L4 Atex Lever Hoist


About the Hacketts ATEX Pull Winch The ATEX ratchet lever hoist has anti-spark ..

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William Hackett

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