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Gas cylinder trolleys

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Gas Cylinder Trolleys

Move gas cylinders around the easy way with a gas bottle trolley

Our range of gas cylinder trolleys includes models for single or multiple gas bottles. They enable the easy transportation of full or empty gas bottles around the work place.

Buy gas bottle trolleys today from Lifting Gear Direct, your UK one stop material handling and lifting equipment supplier.

Gas Cylinder Trolley CT10


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CT20 Dual Gas Bottle Trolley


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Double Gas Bottle Lifting Trolley - DLT Series


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Why Use Gas Cylinder Trolleys?

Gas cylinders are notoriously heavy and cumbersome to lift and move around, especially the larger 80 litre ones. Many people try to tilt them and roll them around on the bottom edge. Whilst this may work for a short distance it is not advisable, especially for larger distances. Gas cylinders can easily be dropped when handled in this way; they are very heavy and you certainly wouldn't want one dropping on your foot!

Using a gas cylinder trolley makes light work of handling gas bottles whilst minimising potential health and safety issues.

More About Gas Bottle Trolleys

A gas cylinder trolley is somewhat like a traditional sack truck. They have a base platform where the gas cylinder sits and a couple of robust wheels fitted to a rear axle in order to move it around.

There are however a couple of key differences; the majority of gas bottle trolleys will incorporate curved supports, often at the top and bottom of the trolley. A gas bottle will sit within these curved support brackets to keep them upright.

You will also find that this type of gas bottle handling equipment incorporates a couple of chain straps which are fitted to one side of the trolley framework. The chain is wrapped around the front of the cylinder and attached to the other side of the frame. These chain straps ensure the gas bottles can not fall over whilst in transit or when stationary.

The handle at the rear of the trolley is used to tilt the trolley backwards to lift the bottom platform and cylinder off the floor so that the wheels can move freely. The gas cylinder can now be pushed around to wherever it is required with ease.

Remember to follow all safety protocols when handling and transporting potentially dangerous gas cylinders.

Other Gas Cylinder Handling Solutions.

Some trolleys have a dual purpose and can also be used for lifting applications thanks to the incorporated lifting eye, find out more about these in the gas cylinder lifting category.

Lifting Gear Direct also have a great choice of gas bottle handling solutions. Gas bottle lifting bags the newest addition to our gas bottle cylinder range where you will also find a range of gas bottle storage options.


How many cylinders can a gas bottle trolley handle?

The most common types of work place gas bottle trolleys can handle either 1 or 2 cylinders at a time, although there are larger trolley systems which can hold many more.

How is a cylinder secured to a gas bottle trolley?

Strong chain is typically used on the simplest cylinder trolleys to secure the cylinder to the trolley frame in order to keep it upright and stop it from falling off.

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