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Plate Lifting Dogs

Lift Multiple Steel Sheets with Plate Lifting Dogs, Order yours today.

Lifting Gear Direct supplies a variety of plate lifting dogs, including lifting dogs in flat plate, round section and end plate configurations. Our range also includes large plate lifting dogs with spacer bars and chain assemblies which are ideal for lifting packs or multiple sheets. End dogs can be used in conjunction with other types in order to support the flex when lifting larger sheets. Lifting magnets are another great way to lift sheet materials or we have a selection of plate clamps if you prefer.

End plate lifting dogs


About our End plate lifting dogs End dogs come complete with chains and gr..

Flat plate lifting dogs


About Flat plate lifting dogs We can provide Flat Plate Dogs for specialis..

Large plate lifting dogs with spacer bars and chain assemblies


About the Large plate lifting dogs with spacer bars and chain assemblies T..

Round Section Plate Lifting Dogs


About our Round Section Plate Lifting Dogs  We supply Round section d..

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Plate Lifting Dogs

About Plate Lifting Dogs

Plate lifting dogs are designed for lifting sheets of metal and similar loads. Made from robust and durable steel, this lifting tool allows operators to lift a plate on an edge.

Each type of lifting dog has a flange or lip where the steel or other plate material sits. The top edge of the dogs are fitted to a lifting sling. When the loaded dogs are lifted the forces imposed from the angles and weight will ensure the plate dogs close around the plate and holds firmly until set down again.

Types of Plate Lifting Dogs

There are a few different types of lifting dogs available, read on to find out more.

Large Plate Dogs with spacers and chains

This specialised handling equipment is designed to handle loads of up to 6 tonnes. They are ideal for lifting packs of plate materials with a thickness up to 400mm. Because they come with a chain sling already attached they are easy to fit to a hoist and ready to use in seconds.

Flat Plate Dogs

These are made from flat steel sheet. They incorporate a lifting ring for easy sling attachment. Flat plate dogs can lift up to 5 tonnes in weight and can be made to suit your pack dimensions.

Round Section Plate Dogs

Manufactured from round, tubular steel sections these plate dogs ate the strongest. They can handle plate loads up to 10 tonne. Lifting chain and hooks will be required to attach the dogs to a hoisting device. Lifting Gear Direct can easily supply these at the same time.

End Plate Dogs

These end dogs are ideal for supporting and lifting larger plates and work well with our large dogs with spacer bars. They come complete with long lifting chain and grab hooks.

Other Plate Lifting Equipment

Lifting Gear Direct are able to supply a range of plate handling equipment to suit a variety of plate lifting tasks. Plate clamps are one of the most popular type of plate lifting device. They come in numerous designs to facilitate handling plate materials in different ways. For example, horizontally or vertically.

We also supply a range of lifting magnets. These rely on magnetic forces to grab the sheet steel. Because they are placed on the flat part there is no marking and no damage will occur on the edges. There are two types of lifting magnets available, permanent magnets and battery powered magnets. View our full range of industrial magnet lifters to find out more. We also have a selection of magnetic grabs and claws available to aid in lifting sheet steel by hand. They offer a much better grip without the stress and potential damage to your hands.

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All of our plate lifting dogs are made to the highest product quality and industry safety standards, providing you with the best possible lifting equipment. If you need assistance choosing the right equipment for your plate handling needs, contact us by using our online enquiry form. You can also call 01384 76961.


What are plate lifting dogs?

Plate lifting dogs are a piece of industrial lifting equipment designed to lift multiple sheet materials in one go, for example a pack of steel sheets.

What type of lifting dogs are there?

There are 4 different types of plate lifting dogs at Lifting Gear Direct. Flat plate lifting dogs, Round section plate lifting dogs, end plate lifting dogs and large lifting dogs with spacer bar assemblies. You can find out more about each type in the product pages above.

What other equipment do you need to use lifting dogs?

Lifting chains and chain slings are commonly used with plate lifting dogs together with fittings to form the anchor points. The chain attaches to the dogs and will then fit to a hoist and/or crane system to lift the plate dogs and load.

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