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Gas Bottle Trolleys, Cylinder Lifting and Gas Cylinder Storage

Gas bottle handling can be quite a difficult task especially when they are full. Not only are they heavy but their round shape can be rather awkward to handle. Then you will need to make sure the gas cylinders are secure both when being handled and when in storage.

Lifting Gear Direct are able to offer a wide choice of solutions to gas cylinder handling, whether its storage, moving or lifting we will have a product to suit most scenarios.

Gas Bottle Lifting Bags


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Gas Bottle Lifting Trolley SLT


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Gas Cylinder Trolley CT10


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CT20 Dual Gas Bottle Trolley


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Double Gas Bottle Lifting Trolley - DLT Series


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CTCS Gas Bottle Storage Stand


About the CTCS Gas Bottle Storage Stand As the name suggests the CTCS is a st..

Gas Grab Cylinder Lifting Handles


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Forklift Gas Bottle Handler - GCH


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Gas Bottle Holder - Wall Mounted WR Series


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CST Cylinder Storage & Transport Pallet


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GCHP Crane Slung Gas Cylinder Cradle


GCHP Crane Slung Gas Cylinder Cradle Features & Benefits The GCHP is a gas..

4 Gas Bottle Lifting Cradle CLC


About the 4 Gas Bottle Lifting Cradle Manufactured from quality steel the 4 b..

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About Gas Bottle Trolleys, Cylinder Lifting and Gas Cylinder Storage

In this category you will find a collection of gas bottle trolleys which are used to transport both full and empty bottles around the workplace as well as a range of solutions for gas cylinder storage. You will also see a great collection of gas bottle lifting bags  which are the latest, innovative method of lifting and moving gas bottles in the most difficult areas. Cylinder lifting solutions include lift able trolleys and stands. Another product to help with manually handling a gas cylinder is the gas grab lifting bracket which has a couple of handles and fits around the bottle to enable handling with less skeletal and muscular stress.

Gas bottles come in wide array of sizes depending on how much gas you need. Common gas cylinder sizes range from 6 litres up to 80 litres and the size and weight difference is quite substantial in fact he height difference could be around a metre or more. Then there is the diameter or circumference to consider. Whichever way you look at it, the larger the gas bottle the harder it will be to handle.

It is imperative that you adhere to all the necessary regulations when it comes to handling gas cylinders. HSE has a number of related  articles and Liquid Gas UK has the latest updates.

Gas Bottle Trolleys

Trolleys or trucks for transporting gas bottles come in different formats. Some can handle just one bottle at a time whilst some can handle two. They typically incorporate a couple of robust wheels, chains for securing the bottle to the trolley and a handle to tilt and manoeuvre the trolley and bottles around.

Gas Cylinder Lifting

Some gas cylinder trucks incorporate a lifting eye at the top which enables the truck and bottles to be lifted with a hoist and/or crane system. We also have some cradle type devices which fit to a forklift truck which can lift 4 or 6 bottles at a time whilst making the most use of your truck.

One of the newer ways to lift and load gas bottles is with a purpose made lifting bag. They are very strong and come in a range of sizes to suit a range of gas bottle sizes up to 80 litres. A key benefit to these bags is that they are lighter and easier to store. The gas cylinders can also be used whilst still in the bag and conform to all necessary safety standards.

Gas Bottle Storage

Storing gas cylinders can create more problems! They need to be kept secure to prevent them from being knocked over and causing injuries. We have a selection of gas bottle storage stands, some are free standing and some are wall mounted. They incorporate curved recesses to fit nicely around the cylinder and have chain guards to keep the bottle from falling over.

Lifting Gear Direct can supply a wide range of gas bottle handling options as well as many other types of material handling solutions including drum/barrel handling, load moving equipment, forklift attachments and more. Browse away to find your perfect piece of equipment and give the team a call if you need any help or guidance.

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