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Height Safety Equipment

Height safety is of paramount importance in today's safety conscious environment; which is why at Lifting Gear Direct we pride ourselves on providing top quality height safety equipment for anybody who will be working from any height. We supply specific kits for common use, safety harness, safety lanyard, anchorage, connectors, fall arrestor safety platforms and a range of ATEX rated safety equipment. Our prices are consistently one of the lowest around so call us for all your working at height equipment today.

 Kratos Scaffolders Harness Kit - single point  Kratos Scaffolders Harness Kit - single point

Kratos Scaffolders Harness Kit - single point


Having the right height safety equipment is crucial to any operation that involv..

2 point Basic Restraint Safety Harness Kit


2 Point Basic Restraint Kit At Lifting Gear Direct you can encounter all sorts ..

3 Point Restraint Harness Kit

3 Point Restraint Harness Kit


3 Point Restraint Kit Lifting Gear Direct can supply safety harness kits with a..

3 Point Scaffold Harness Kit

3 Point Scaffold Harness Kit


3 Point Scaffold Kit Work on scaffolding in safety with this 3 point scaffold ..

4 Point Work Positioning Harness


4 Point Full Body Harness This 4 point full body harness is made by Kratos and ..

Adjustable Rope Restraint Harness Kit - 2 Point

Adjustable Rope Restraint Harness Kit - 2 Point


2 Point Restraint Adjustable Rope Lanyard Kit Opting for a rope lanyard rather..

Hi Viz Safety Harness Kit

Hi Viz Safety Harness Kit


2 Point Hi-Viz Restraint Kit Our height safety equipment range is diversely pop..

Kratos 10m Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block with Winch - FA 20 401 10

Kratos 10m Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block with Winch - FA 20 401 10


Fall Arrest Block with Integrated Retrieval System – 10MRTS The body of this fa..

Kratos 12m Webbing Fall Arrest Block - Retractable

Kratos 12m Webbing Fall Arrest Block - Retractable


Retractable Webbing Fall Arrest Block Combining a strong, retractable webbing l..

Kratos 15m Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block - Retractable

Kratos 15m Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block - Retractable


Retractable Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block 15MTRS Designed for durability and inte..

Kratos 2 Point Restraint Harness Kit with Adjustable Web Lanyard Kratos 2 Point Restraint Harness Kit with Adjustable Web Lanyard

Kratos 2 Point Restraint Harness Kit with Adjustable Web Lanyard


2 Point Restraint Adjustable Web Lanyard Kit For the ultimate in adjustability..

Kratos 2 Point Scaffolders Harness Kit Kratos 2 Point Scaffolders Harness Kit

Kratos 2 Point Scaffolders Harness Kit


2 Point Scaffold Kit When working on scaffolding there are lots of safety consi..

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Height Safety Equipment

If you work from any height whether it is 2 metres or 20 metres above ground you are likely to need some safety equipment. Below you will find products from the market leader in height safety equipment - Kratos. We can, however also supply equipment from other leading brands such as Tractel and Ridgegear. Check out their respective pages if you require these brands.

About Height Safety

Statistics in the United Kingdom show that over 1 million people are injured or even worse at their workplace, many injuries are caused by falls from heights. We know that to work from any height is potentially risky, and is where many work-related accidents occur; so using the correct safety equipment is vital.

Personal protection equipment for height safety will have 3 components, a body holding device – i.e. a safety harness; a fall prevention linkage i.e. a karabiner and an anchorage system i.e. a lanyard.

Safety equipment for heights can be used for different scenarios; for work station prevention, this is to stop the worker from reaching an area where they could potentially fall. The work positioning scenario allows the worker to move around more freely but if there is a potential to fall then a fall arrest system should be used.

Fall prevention equipment such as fall arrest blocks are designed to absorb energy and hold its wearer stable until help arrives, whilst reducing the dangerous stresses imposed on the body to a minimum.

When working in confined areas an anchorage such as a tripod will be used alongside a harness, lanyard, and potentially a fall arrestor and winch.

Height Safety Equipment Available

Safety Harness kits

Why buy individual height safety accessories when you can order entire height safety kits from us?

Kits can include safety harnesses, lanyards, hooks, karabiners, and a range of accessories that vary depending on the intended use. Many include carrying cases to prevent wear and tear during transport and storage.

For your convenience we supply some of our height safety equipment is specifically designed kits, providing all you need for a particular task.

All our safety harness kits are provided with various safety harnesses, a lanyard, and sometimes other types of essential height safety accessories depending upon which kit is selected. The kits also come with either a carry case or a rucksack-style bag for keeping all your height safety gear in one place. As safety is such a high priority on the agenda, Lifting Gear Direct only supply height safety equipment from reputable, top brand names to ensure quality and safety each and every time; Kratos height safety products are reliable and readily available and we can supply height safety products of each type at affordable, cost-effective prices direct to you.

Safety Harnesses

You can purchase an individual harness instead of a complete kit if you require it. Our range includes a rescue harness, high viz harness, and single, 2, or 3 point full-body harnesses. Providing full-body support to workers, safety harnesses are strong, durable, and built to withstand challenging conditions both indoors and out.

Most are made using materials like polyester which are not just strong enough to handle heavy weights but also able to remain uncompromised by moisture.

Safety harnesses that offer adjustability will allow different body shapes and sizes to be accommodated. Meanwhile, integrated padding allows for improved comfort, with brands like Tractel and Ridgegear represented in this category.

One final noteworthy feature that safety harnesses can offer is integrated high-visibility elements. This will make wearers conspicuous even in darker environments, delivering great all-round safety.

If you have any other particular requirements then contact us, we can usually help with your needs.

Safety Harness Lanyards

Safety lanyards play an important role in most height safety operations, providing a means of anchorage between the harness and wearer and a safe, secure anchor point. Lanyards are also used to prevent the user from reaching a point where a fall is likely. We offer a range of shock absorbing lanyards in either kernmantle rope or webbing with a range of fittings; these are great for reducing impact. We also offer a range of work positioning and restraint lanyards which are great for helping you stay put whilst carrying out your task.

Our Key height safety equipment Brand Kratos make restraint lanyards, with some featuring a standard strip of webbing to support the wearer, while others come with expandable sections intended to improve freedom of movement while also serving as a shock absorber of sorts.

Safety harness lanyards can also be chosen with different end terminals included, such as snap hooks and karabiners. In short, you have a lot of choices when sampling this extensive safety equipment category.

Fall Arresters

Our range of fall arresters has a number of fall arrest blocks for you to choose from. They are all retractable for easier use and made from high-quality components. The Olympe range from Kratos are popular with our customers and the range includes retractable fall arrest blocks with webbing or wire rope and are typically fitted with a karabiner anchor and a swivel snap-hook at the attachment end, these generally incorporate a load indicator for additional safety.

Safety Harness Connectors

Connections are frequently required during tasks undertaken at heights. Whether they are needed on your harness or lanyard we have a range of connectors and hooks for you to pick from. Included in our collection are some locking karabiners, snap hooks, and quick delta links, browse the full range to see more details.

Stock up on karabiners to add to existing height safety equipment or use in a range of other applications.

In most cases, a karabiner will form an important link between a safety harness and a safety lanyard, with a screw locking mechanism meaning that once they are in place, they will be almost impossible to dislodge accidentally.

Karabiners come in different sizes, shapes, colours, and materials. Lightweight alloy karabiners are cost-effective and popular. Steel karabiners are sturdy and virtually indestructible in normal use. There are several different locking mechanisms to consider and various brands to weigh up when you choose.

Safety hooks can perform similarly to karabiners but tend to have a snap mechanism to allow for quick attaching and detaching from a harness or anchor point.

Snap hooks of this kind can actually mirror karabiners by offering a locking mechanism that is screwed to tighten and form a stronghold. Others come with single or double trigger assemblies which can be a boon in scenarios where regular connections are essential and time is of the essence.

Height Safety Anchorage

Anchorage used for height safety typically include equipment to which you attach yourself to. These are often used when other anchor points are awkward or non-existent, often on-site. We offer the popular tripod from Kratos which is great for confined spaces thanks to its telescopic legs.

Atex Rated Height Safety Equipment

Now available from Lifting Gear Direct is the latest range of ATEX rated height safety equipment. This comes from the Kratos Atex Free Blast range and includes full-body harnesses, lanyards, karabiners, and a fall arrest block. These are ideal in hazardous work environments.

Safety Access Platforms

Reducing the risks that come with working at height is a breeze with safety access platforms supplied by Lifting Gear Direct. Our range includes safety access platforms that can be fitted to a forklift truck or crane slung. These platforms provide a safer option to ladders for maintenance tasks carried out at certain heights or safe access to higher levels.

Get in touch today

Browse our full selection of height safety equipment and supplies below. If you can't see what you are looking for or have any questions, give us a call, we are always happy to help.

Understanding Fall Factors

It is crucial to establish the possible fall distance when you use a shock-absorbing lanyard in order to avoid any injuries wheight safety fall factorhich could occur if contact is made with anything at a lower level. Below is the calculation you should use to determine the lowest possible fall distance between the lanyard's anchor point and the ground or lower levels. This is calculated by allowing for: Twice the lanyard's total length (to allow for the length of the lanyard and the height of the worker) add 1.75m deceleration distance to permit any elongation occurring to the shock absorber and any slack in the lanyard. +1 Meter safety margin TOTAL = 6.75 metre clearance required using a 2 metre lanyard.

Height Safety Regulations

Working at height regulations have become law in recent years, so it is more important than ever to understand the regulations and how they affect you.

The main points of the regulations are:

Working at a height no longer means above 2 meters before PPE (personal protective equipment) is required. The latest regulations state “Where a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury”.

Make sure you have done a method statement and a risk assessment.

Have a rescue plan in place. Do NOT rely on emergency services.

Train people in the use of fall protection equipment.

Inspection of fall protection equipment (keep records)

Please note that this is only a very brief description of the regulations. For a full copy visit:

Get in touch for help with height safety equipment

You can reach out to the Lifting Gear Direct team with any query by calling 01384 76961. Our contact page also has further information on how to get in touch.

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