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The Dynafor brand is synonymous with load and force calculation equipment around the world.
Lifting Gear Direct can supply a wide range of Dynafor load cells (also sometimes called load links) with different qualities and specifications. We currently sell LLX1, LLX2, LLXH and LLZ models with WLL (working load limits of up to 20 tonnes).
We also supply the Dynafor MWX Crane Scale, which is available in ten different models. This is a perfect piece of equipment for safely weighing up to 25,000KG and ensuring that the risk of overloading lifting equipment in the workplace is reduced.
Dynafor is now owned by and a trademark of Tractel group forming their load measurement and control division, (view additional products we sell from Tractel here). Check out our Dynafor products range below and give our sales team a call on 01384 76961 if you need any help in selecting the optimum product for you.

Dynafor Products Supplied By Lifting Gear Direct

Dynafor LLX1 Load Cell Indicator Dynafor LLX1 Load Cell Indicator

Dynafor LLX1 Load Cell Indicator


About the Dynafor LLX1 Load Cell Indicator  Offering versatile functionali..

Dynafor LLX2 Load Cell Dynafor LLX2 Load Cell

Dynafor LLX2 Load Cell


About the Dynafor LLX2 Load Cell  Dynafor is a manufacturer of high qualit..

Dynafor LLXH Load Cell

Dynafor LLXH Load Cell


About the Dynafor LLXH Load Cell  One of many load and force calculation p..

Dynafor LLZ Load Cell


Key Features of the Dynafor LLZ Load Cell Displays various units; kg, T, daN ..

Dynafor MWX Crane Scale


Incorporating a top suspension point and a bottom hook with safety catch. KEY F..

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