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Pull Winch

Lifting Gear Direct can supply a pull winch or chain winch from our large range of hoisting equipment. We have our own brand LGD pull winch at under £67 with other branded models from Kito, Tractel and Hacketts. There are more brands over on the lever hoist main page to compare your choices. Its easy to lift, pull and tension loads with a lever hoist.

LGD Lever Hoist LGD Lever Hoist

LGD Lever Hoist


More about the LGD Lever hoist Whether you need to lift and lower, add tension ..

Kito LB Pull Winch Kito LB Pull Winch

Kito LB Pull Winch


  Model variants of the Kito LB Pull Winch Made in Japan by Kito to h..

Kito LX Pull Winch Kito LX Pull Winch

Kito LX Pull Winch


About the Kito LX Pull Winch The LX lever hoist is great for more delicate posi..

Tractel Bravo Pull WInch


About the Tractel Bravo Pull Winch  The Bravo lever hoist comes in a good ..

Subsea Lever Hoist Hacketts SS L5


About the SS L5 Subsea Lever Hoist The SS L5 subsea ratchet lever hoist surpass..

Hacketts L4 Heavy Duty Pull Winch Hacketts L4 Heavy Duty Pull Winch

Hacketts L4 Heavy Duty Pull Winch


About the Hacketts Heavy Duty L4 Pull Winch The design and specifications of th..

Tractel Bravo AC Aluminium Pull Winch


About the Tractel Bravo AC Aluminium Pull Winch Due to the fact that the main b..

L4 Atex Lever Hoist


About the Hacketts ATEX Pull Winch The ATEX ratchet lever hoist has anti-spark ..

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Pull Winch

You may know a pull winch better as a lever hoist, pull lift or chain winch. They are essentially the same type of hoisting equipment. You can use a pull winch for a variety of tasks, not just for lifting objects. Tensioning applications and pulling tasks can all be easily completed with a pull winch.

How a pull Winch Works

A pull winch incorporates a ratchet and pawl, gears, robust bearings, brake system, crank handle and load chain.

Once the load chain is attached to the load to be moved the lever/handle is ratcheted back and forth. As you do this the ratcheting action and pawls will turn the gears over which the chain passes. The gears will raise/pull the chain through and thus the load, until you stop the ratcheting action.

As soon as you let go of the lever the brake will be applied. This means that the load will stay exactly where it is.

Operation of a pull winch requires minimum effort because the ratchet and gears do all the hard work.

Most models will incorporate a free chaining device. This enables the load chain to be freely pulled out by hand so the load can be reached quickly for attachment.

Types of Pull Lifts Available from LGD

Lifting Gear Direct can supply a wide variety of pull winches from some of the most recognisable brand names. We can also now supply our own LGD heavy duty pull winch which offers a more cost effective alternative.

Our top branded products include Tractel and Kito. All have a range of models to choose from. The range of Pulllifts from Yale are amongst our best sellers. Their model range includes the compact Handy lever hoist which is great for site work and small workshops. Then you have UNO plus with safe working loads up to 6000kg and also comes in an ATEX model.

The latest addition the the Yale model range is the ERGO 360. The 360 pull winch has an innovative design making it great in tight spaces. It also operates much faster then many other models on the market. This is due to the complete 360 degree rotation of the lever. So the operation action is winding rather then ratcheting/cranking. This alleviates much stress on the arms, particularly the elbows and wrists. In addition this winch can be operated in any position.

Another popular pull winch worth mentioning here is the Kito LX lever hoist. Compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand, transportation is easy. A perfect companion to your everyday tool box. You can lift, pull and tension loads up to 500kg with this great little hoist.

Other Hoisting Equipment

If you have browsed through our extensive range of pull lifts and decide they are not quite what you are looking for check out our full range of hoisting and winching equipment. A chain block may be more suitable for your needs or perhaps a cable puller or wire rope winch. These are all manually operated so there is no need for a power supply.

Should you be looking for something with more power but less manual effort then take a look at our powered hoists. These include the most popular electric hoists which have an abundance of uses. You may also like to consider an air powered hoist is you have a pneumatic air supply available.

Lifting Accessories

LGD also manufacture jib cranes and mobile gantry systems to your own specifications. These are a great way to provide a lifting frame for your hoisting equipment.

Lifting slings are also made to order and our range includes web slings, round slings and of course chain slings.

Lifting shackles, eye bolts and swivel eye bolts are also readily available as are ropes of all kinds.

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You can also email us with your requirements and questions using the rapid enquiry form or contact us page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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