ATEX beam trolleys

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ATEX Beam Trolleys

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This selection of ATEX beam trolleys are ideal for use along with an ATEX rated lifting hoist when used in a hazardous working environment. Lifting Gear Direct can supply push travel or geared travel beam trolleys with an ATEX rating as well as ATEX lifting hoists should you require them. Great prices and customer service can always be found at LGD.

Hacketts Push Travel Trolley WH-PT


About the Hacketts Push Travel Trolley WH-PTPrecision engineered to a high qua..

Yale HTP Push travel Trolley Yale HTP Push travel Trolley

Yale HTP Push travel Trolley


Two size ranges are available to suit beam widths, the size A range isfor smalle..

Hacketts Geared Trolley - WH-GT


About the Hacketts Geared Trolley – WH-GTEasier to use and position precisely th..

Yale HTG Geared Travel Trolley


There is now 2 new models available which have SWL of 30000 & 50000kg. It is..

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Types of ATEX Beam Trolleys

There are two types of ATEX rated beam trolleys; push travel or geared travel.

ATEX push travel trolleys will need to be manually pushed/pulled across the beam where as a geared ATEX beam trolley moves over the beam by pulling down on the chain to turn the gears.

For both types of trolleys the ATEX rated versions incorporate solid bronze trolley wheels along with rubber buffers to prevent any sparks as the trolley hits the end points. Spark resistant coatings are also incorporated for added protection against sparking.

Well lubricated ball bearings are sealed and so will not pose a hazard.

The ATEX geared trolleys have a stainless steel chain for ultimate protection.

Lifting Gear Direct can supply ATEX push trolleys and ATEX geared trolleys from both Yale and William Hacketts to offer a great choice.

ATEX trolley examples

ATEX Beam Trolley Ratings

ATEX ratings are complex and each ATEX trolley system has a different ATEX rating which may effect the area in which it can be used. Each model will show the exact ATEX rating in the specifications tab so please check this before purchase to ensure the trolley will be suitable for the environment in which you intend to use it.

More ATEX Rated Equipment

If you need ATEX rated hoisting equipment to compliment your trolley then Lifting Gear Direct have a great range to choose from. ATEX lever hoists and ATEX chain blocks are popular but we also supply a couple of ATEX rated air hoists for a more powerful lifting solution.

We also have a selection of working at height safety products which are also ATEX rated.


What is an Atex beam trolley?

 An Atex rated beam trolley uses different materials to the standard variety to make it spark resistant, thus minimising the risk of ignition to potentially explosive substances. Always check the Atex rating thoroughly to ensure it is safe to use in your specific environment as there are many different Atex ratings suitable for different areas.

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