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Height Safety Anchorage

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Anchorages come in many shapes and formats and provide an anchoring system to which you would attach to whilst wearing your working at height harness. The height safety anchorage category at Lifting Gear Direct includes a work and rescue tripod and winch which are probably the most frequently used anchorages for on site and in the field operations. There are many other forms of height safety equipment available on our website so take a look, buy everything you need today.

Kratos Rescue & confined Space Tripod Kratos Rescue & confined Space Tripod

Kratos Rescue & confined Space Tripod


This Kratos FA 60 001 00 tripod acts as a rescue tripod and or a work positionin..

Kratos Rescue & Work Winch Kratos Rescue & Work Winch

Kratos Rescue & Work Winch


The rescue & work winch has a 20 metre descent. They work together with the ..

Kratos Tripod Foothold Kratos Tripod Foothold

Kratos Tripod Foothold


The Kratos Tripod Foothold This has been designed to make the process of attach..

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 If there are any other types of anchorage equipment that you are looking for then try the search bar or get in touch with us, we can usually accommodate your requirements.
Anchorages are almost always used together with a full body harness and lanyards, and often with fall protection equipment such as fall arrest blocks. Rescue winches are another possibility.

Anchorage Tripod

The Tripod we offer is from trusted height safety equipment manufacturers Kratos so you know the equipment will be high quality. The tripod incorporates a cast aluminium alloy head with two pulleys and aluminium extendable legs with fitting area for the tripod winch (available separately).

Transportation of the tripod is easy thanks to its folding nature and the carry bag it comes with and weighs 13kg & 15kg for the respective small and large versions. There are two models available which both have a maximum load capacity of 500 kg but are different heights.

Tripod Foothold

To enable easy access to the apex of the tripod you can purchase the special foothold attachment separately. They are easy to fit and give you a leg up to an otherwise unreachable height.

Rescue Winch

The rescue winch can be used for rescue purposes but also for raising and lowering people and/or materials into confined spaces.  This winch has been specifically designed to fit the Kratos tripod to further enhance its use.

Other Height Safety Equipment

 If you require a safety harness, lanyard or fall arrest block to accompany your tripod then Lifting Gear Direct can supply those too, along with any connectors and hooks you may need. So once you have assessed your requirements for your operation, give our team a call or use the contact forms to get a quote and/or place an order


What is height safety anchorage?

 Height safety anchorage refers to equipment used to anchor yourself to during some tasks when working at height. Tripod frames with winches are typically found in this genre.

What is an anchorage tripod?

An anchorage tripod is a framework from which you can attach your safety harness to. They are used in situations where space is limited such as down a man hole, they are also used for rescue scenarios. Rescue tripods are commonly used together with a winch.

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