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Lifting Clamps

Lifting clamps can help handle loads of different sizes in situations where you need to secure something heavy in a way that does not compromise safety. There are many types to pick from including the plate clamp, block grab, 'C' hook, lifting hooks and pipe lifting clamp. They are a counterpoint to the likes of lifting slings and our range of clamps is just as diverse. For example you can use a C hook for coil lifting, or plate lifting clamps for handling sheet materials.

Camlok CLT/CLB Container Lifting Lugs


About the Camlok CLT/CLB Container Lifting Lugs There are 2 types of lugs ..

Camlok CP Pile Pitching Clamps


About the Camlok CP Pile Pitching Clamps  While some lifting clamps are fi..

Camlok PP Pile Pulling Clamp


 About the Camlok PP Pile Pulling Clamp  Designed and built by Camlok..

Camlok TBG/TST Block Grabs


About the Camlok TBG/TST Block Grabs  We stock plenty of different lifting..

Camlok TCK Single Arm C Hook


About the Camlok TCK Single Arm C Hook  The TCK is a single arm 'C' h..

Camlok TCS Universal Turning Hook


About the Camlok TCS Universal Turning Hook  One of several different Caml..

Camlok TPZ Board Clamp


About the Camlok TPZ Board Clamp  The TPZ board clamp does exactly what it..

Camlok TRU Round Stock grabs Camlok TRU Round Stock grabs

Camlok TRU Round Stock grabs


About the Camlok TRU Round Stock Grabs Camlok is known for its wide range of li..

Camlok TSA Lightweight Block Grabs


About the Camlok TSA Lightweight Block Grabs The TSA is a lightweight grab..

Pipe Lifting Pins - Quick Release


About Pipe Lifting PinsPipe lifting pins are used for the lifting, lowering..

GT Viper Vertical Plate Clamp - CD Type

GT Viper Vertical Plate Clamp - CD Type


About the GT Viper Vertical Plate Clamp - CD type The CD Viper Vertical pl..

GT Viper Horizontal Plate Clamp

GT Viper Horizontal Plate Clamp


About the GT Viper Horizontal Plate Clamp The GT (George Taylor) GQ viper ..

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Lifting Clamps

Our Lifting Clamp & Lifting Grab Range

We have a large range of lifting clamps here at Lifting Gear Direct, we offer more than just the standard beam clamps and plate clamps (which can be seen in the categories beam attachments and plate lifting equipment respectively), we offer a range of speciality clamps and lifting grabs which are often used in the construction industry, utility companies, highway maintenance and many other industries with specific lifting requirements. 

Within the lifting grabs menu you will find profile grabs, stock grabs, block grabs, turning hooks, ‘C’  hooks and grabs for lifting from the inside of a coil, drum lugs and also container lifting lugs, frequently found on the dockside for off loading shipping containers. 

Take a look in the ‘other lifting clamps’ category and you will find many types of construction clamps such as pipe lifting clamps, kerbstone clamps, man-hole hooks, pipe hooks, pile pitching clamps, pipe lifting pins and more. These types of lifting clamps are frequently utilised around building sites; utility companies use them for pipe laying and removal purposes, and the highways maintenance agency for roadwork’s, such as laying or replacing kerbstones. 

Lifting clamp options

Looking for Beam Clamps? Find them here! 

Amongst our other lifting clamp product range you will find a wide selection of products made by big brands. This is in keeping with our aim to stock as many different types of lifting equipment and accessories as possible to cater to every possible scenario. 

Take the cleverly designed Camlok TBG lifting clamp, for example. It is configured to lift pipes safely and securely, with compatibility ranging up to diameters of 2000mm. Load capacities for this range hit 3 tonnes and it comes in a set of 3 to ensure even distribution of the weight of the pipe. 

The Topal BX is another specifically configured lifting clamp, this time tuned to make light work of manoeuvring kerbstones into position. It is available with integrated handles which mean that two operators can haul heavier blocks manually, rather than having to rely on a separate gantry system to take care of this. The WLL for this particular clamp reaches 200kg and it can also be combined with a hoist to get jobs completed efficiently. 

The Topal TI is a pipe clamp which keeps loads in check by securing them around the circumference. Two models with capacities of 500kg and 1 tonne are offered, with each one an admirable addition to any pipe laying operation. 

This range also includes 'C' hooks and pipe lifting pins with quick release mechanisms which are fast, affordable alternatives to full clamps. 

High quality lifting grabs & C Hooks

You should have no trouble taking care of various lifting duties when you select from the branded grabs and C hooks we stock. These lifting clamps are either designed for a range of purposes, or with one intended use in mind. 

The Camlock TCS is a universal turning hook which is perfectly suited to the task of lifting coils and banded materials so that they can be loaded into a vehicle for the purposes of transport, or placed with greater ease during storage. Capacities of up to 3000kg are offered as part of this range and its wide compatibility makes the TCS a sensible investment for various commercial operators. 

The Camlock TACH comes with a pair of C hook arms that are aligned to help with the lifting of horizontally oriented pipes or coils. Their narrow profile means that these hooks will not get in the way when duties need to be carried out in areas with limited space, such as the aisles of a warehouse. 

Other equipment to consider

With so much choice on offer here at Lifting Gear Direct, there is no need to stick to looking at lifting clamp products if there is another type of equipment on your wish list. We have lifting slings, a huge variety of hoists, custom made jib cranes and a wealth of other products to keep in mind. 

Whatever your needs, our array of kit will leave you spoilt for choice. We even offer safety inspections for lifting equipment that will be vital for organisations that want to stay on the right side of regulations. 

More material handling options

Clamps, hoists and gantry systems are not the only types of equipment you might require for your load-lugging duties. Luckily you can find plenty of alternative material handling products here at Lifting Gear Direct.

We can supply a multitude of different forklift attachments, for example, which will make it especially easy to shift awkwardly shaped or sized cargo in a warehouse or manufacturing environment. We also offer load moving equipment which can be operated manually, including pallet trucks and scissor lift tables.

Finally the fact that we also stock drum handling equipment should show that there really is every kind of lifting and handling equipment available right here.

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Take a look through our range and call us on 01384 76961 or email our experts if you can’t find what you are looking for, we can usually help.  

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