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Lifting Gantry Systems

We are the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of lifting gantry systems. Our extensive offering is almost unmatched, with everything from a 500kg A-Frame Lifting Gantry to a 1000kg A-Frame Lifting Gantry. Our custom-manufactured systems have both commercial and industrial applications, and our customers belong to a diverse range of industries. We have a reputation for producing high-quality lifting solutions at a competitive price, and it is one that we take very seriously. 

With a team of dedicated A-frame crane and lifting gantry experts that are available to answer any questions, and the opportunity to buy complementary height safety equipment, it is no coincidence that we are the first choice for businesses and individuals alike when looking for where to purchase a lifting gantry. 

500kg A-Frame Lifting Gantry


 If you require a lifting gantry with easier mobility then you should look ..

1000kg A-Frame Lifting Gantry


 The simple design means that transporting the a-frame gantry from one loca..

2000kg A-Frame Lifting Gantry


Manufactured by our skilled team in our own fabrication shop to BS2853/BS2573 ou..

3000kg A-Frame Lifting Gantry


 They are delivered in 3 pieces, and with just 2 (or more) people, the gant..

5000kg A-Frame Lifting Gantry


Welded with precision by our skilled fabricators here at Lifting Gear Direc..

500kg Lifting Gantries


They can safely handle the lifting and lowering of loads up to 500kg but should ..

1000kg Lifting Gantries


1000kg Lifting Gantry Adaptations Large plated feet can be fitted during produc..

2000kg Lifting Gantries


2000kg Lifting Gantry Adaptability The 2000kg lifting gantry can be fitted with..

3000kg Lifting gantries


3000kg Custom Lifting Gantry Benefits Fully tested and certificated you can be ..

5000kg Lifting Gantries


5000kg Lifting Gantry Performance Potential For obvious reasons the steel used ..

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Lifting Gantry Systems

Lifting Gantry Systems Questions Answered.

Information about lifting gantry systems can be found here along with the answers to some commonly asked questions.

What Is A Lifting Gantry?

Gantry hoist, gantry lift, frame gantry, frame hoist, and lifting gantry are different variations of the same words, used to describe the same product. This is because they each refer to the overarching purpose of the product: to “hoist” or “lift” an object of a certain weight. 

How Much Is A Lifting Gantry?

We provide made to order lifting gantries, which is why we ask customers to contact us for a price. Starting at just £951.37, we offer high quality manufacturing at a value for money price. 

Where Can I Buy A Lifting Gantry?

All of our gantry lifts are manufactured by Lifting Gear Direct, which means that they’re made right here in the UK. While we are based in West Midlands, our products are available for purchase across the country. This means that whether you need an A-Frame Gantry for engineers or an A-Frame Hoist for construction, anywhere from Inverness to Cornwall, we are confident that we can help you to purchase an end-product that will help you to get the job done right.  

We don’t just manufacture our own products. We are the leading supplier of major brands such as Gunnebo, Camlok, and Yale - so whether it’s a lifting gantry you need or something else entirely, you can purchase it here at Lifting Gear Direct. 

Gantry Lift Quality Control 

All of our lifting gear is manufactured to the highest possible standards. All of our lifting gantries are manufactured to BS 2853 and BS 2573 standards, CE marked, and appropriately certified. This means that they are guaranteed to operate according to best practices, and able to withstand the requisite weight and stress.

All lifting gear must be inspected annually to ensure that it still complies with industry standards and remains safe for use. It is also imperative that the necessary safety equipment is used when operating the product. 

At Lifting Gear Direct, we provide inspection services and compliance testing for all of our lifting gantries. 

Lifting Gantry Safety Information

When you purchase a lifting gantry from Lifting Gear Direct, you will receive a comprehensive instruction manual, detailing everything from installation to inspection procedures. It is vital that you adhere to the relevant health and safety legislation. It is also important to take into account the specifications of your system, particularly its height and lifting capacity, as this will determine how and where it can be used. 

Some of the most important pieces of safety information include:

  • Prior to use, inspect the gantry for any defects.

  • Ensure the ground is level.

  • Position the system directly over the load.

  • Avoid swinging loads.

  • Never move the gantry lift while under load.

Benefits Of An A-Frame Lifting Gantry 

Lifting gantries are sturdy, practical, and versatile. Despite their light weight and maneuverability, they are suitable for a range of applications. From handling cargo and equipment to helping with at-height work, they are a necessary addition to any workplace. Whether you want a portable setup or something a little more permanent, we can create a custom-specification lifting gantry that is guaranteed to meet all of your professional requirements. 

Custom Specification Lifting Gantry

The huge advantage of purchasing a lifting gantry from Lifting Gear Direct is that we can create a tailor made package that ensures you are receiving everything you need to complete high standard work. Adding components to your package will prevent you from having to purchase them at a later date, streamlining the buying process and ensuring maximum efficiency in the workplace. Examples of optional extras include:

Purchasing A Lifting Gantry From Lifting Gear Direct

If you are interested in purchasing a lifting gantry from Lifting Gear Direct, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. A member of our accommodating team will be more than happy to provide advice, guidance, further information, and pricing quotes as needed. And if you are at all uncertain about your prospective purchase, we can ensure that you are making a fully informed decision. 

Contact us today by completing an online form, phoning 01384 76961, or emailing If you are interested in reading informative content on all things lifting gear, feel free to take a look at our blog

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