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Plate Lifting Equipment

Buy Plate Lifting Equipment for handling sheet materials online

Plate lifting equipment including lifting magnets and lifting dogs as well as plate clamps can be purchased at Lifting Gear Direct at great low prices. Check out the full line up right here and find the perfect plate lifting product for you amongst our competitively priced options. Plate clamp prices start at £57.20 and magnet lifter prices start at £153.80.

Delta Universal Plate Clamp Delta Universal Plate Clamp

Delta Universal Plate Clamp


Using a Delta Plate Clamp Lifting steel sheets at an angle or changing its or..

GT Viper Vertical Plate Clamp - CD Type

GT Viper Vertical Plate Clamp - CD Type


About the GT Viper Vertical Plate Clamp - CD type The CD Viper Vertical pl..

Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 0.1 Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 0.1

Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 0.1


It’s extremely compact nature makes it simple to carry around and use, while its..

GT Viper Horizontal Plate Clamp


About the GT Viper Horizontal Plate Clamp The GT (George Taylor) GQ viper ..

Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 0.3 Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 0.3

Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 0.3


It weighs just 15.5kg and so is easily portable. There are a number of different..

Camlok 92 series Plate Clamp Camlok 92 series Plate Clamp

Camlok 92 series Plate Clamp


Created by Camlok and supplied by Lifting Gear Direct, the 92 Series plate clamp..

Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 0.5 Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 0.5

Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 0.5


It is just one of the excellent Yale products we stock, with this brand being an..

Camlok CZ  Plate Clamp  (Heavy Duty)

Camlok CZ Plate Clamp (Heavy Duty)


This plate clamp can help when lifting plate materials in various contexts, impr..

Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 0.8 Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 0.8

Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 0.8


 In spite of its larger size, this model is still fairly compact in its des..

Camlok CH Plate Clamp Camlok CH Plate Clamp

Camlok CH Plate Clamp


 Lifting Gear Direct can supply this and many other plate lifting equipment..

Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 1.0 Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 1.0

Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet TPM 1.0


 If the one tonne payload is more than you need, check out our full permane..

Camlok CY  Plate Clamp (Hinged) Camlok CY  Plate Clamp (Hinged)

Camlok CY Plate Clamp (Hinged)


Camlok CY Plate Clamp Explained The CY hinged plate clamp is ideal for transpor..

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Plate Lifting Equipment

Plate Lifting Equipment

Plate materials such as sheet steel requires specialist equipment in order to lift, turn and manoeuvre it more easily and safely. Lifting Gear Direct can supply a range of plate lifting equipment including permanent lifting magnets and battery powered lifting magnets as well as hand held magnetic grabs. Plate Lifting Clamps in horizontal, vertical and universal varieties available.

We can also manufacture plate lifting dogs which are ideal for lifting larger quantities of plate materials. Take a closer look at our sub categories below for more information on the products to help you to decide which item of plate lifting equipment will best suit your needs - still not sure? give our sales team a call or use the rapid enquiry form for more help.

Whether you need to lift one single sheet, small multiples or larger packs we can provide you with the right lifting equipment, our selection of lifting dogs; plate clamps or lifting magnets are perfect for plate handling.

Lifting Magnets

We have range of quality lifting magnets for the lifting of mild steel material, We have permanent lifting magnets and battery operated magnets to offer, both suitable for use on both flat material and cylindrical sections. Easy to install a lifting magnet can be simply hooked onto your crane or hoist hook. Our range of battery powered lifting magnets offer stronger lifting with safe working loads up to 5000kg.

The thickness of the plate material and the condition of its surface will have an effect on the safe working load – care should be taken to follow supplied instructions on WLL reductions.
If you want to move metallic loads manually, we have the means of helping you achieve this more efficiently thanks to our magnetic grabs and claws, which can also be encountered in this category. Big brands including Yale and Eclipse offer products to grab, drag, manoeuvre and generally manipulate plate materials.

Plate Lifting Clamps

Probably the most commonly used piece of plate lifting equipment, the most popular plate lifting clamps hold plate materials firmly within their jaws, some plate clamps are the screw type which hold the plate by adjusting a screw lock; Plate clamps also come with different jaw types to suit a wide range of plate handling tasks; they are available in a variety of styles to enable lifting in different planes, horizontal plate clamps and vertical plate clamps. We have horizontal plate clamps for lifting and lowering plate material in the horizontal plane, and vertical plate clamps for vertical lifting; there are also plate clamps which can turn the plate materials, so for example, it could lift the plate vertically and set it down horizontally. Plate lifting clamps are virtually always used in pairs. 

As with our lifting magnets, you can find many manufacturers represented in our range of plate lifting clamps. Take your pick of items offered by the likes of Camlok and GT to ensure that the quality and compatibility is as good as you would expect.

Plate Lifting Dogs

We manufacture our own sets of lifting dogs in a range of sizes. Lifting dogs are specially shape pieces of steel, on which to place the sheet materials – great for multiples! Lifting slings are fitted to the top of the dogs and then onto the chosen hoisting device; it is when the lift begins and the weight of the load is applied, the dogs gently squeeze together applying enough force to hold firmly in place.

The custom nature of our plate lifting dogs makes them especially attractive if you have awkward loads that you need to shift safely via machine. The good news is that these are not the only bespoke lifting assemblies that we offer; in fact we have a whole family of high quality, customisable options available.

From gantries to jib cranes and even wire rope products, Lifting Gear Direct is an established and esteemed producer of great lifting equipment in its own right. Search our site and you are sure to find what you need.

Looking for assistance?

While the myriad different plate lifting products might be confusing, the Lifting Gear Direct team is happy to guide you in your journey. Give us a call on 01384 76961 or visit our contact page where more information on how to get in touch is available.


What is plate lifting equipment?

Plate lifting equipment refers to devices which aid in the lifting and handling of sheet materials, typically sheets of steel.

What are the types of plate lifting equipment?

Lifting magnets and plate lifting dogs are the best devices to use when handling large steel sheets, however plate lifting clamps can also be used and provide a popular method. Standard plate clamps can lift horizontally or vertically, although some universal varieties can lift in one orientation and set down in the other.

What are the advantages of plate lifting equipment?

Plate or sheet materials can be tricky to handle but is made much easier if you use some specialist plate lifting equipment. Steel sheets are sharp around the edges and can cut deeply when handled, protective gloves should always be worn! They are also large and heavy making then really awkward to handle. Lifting magnets can lift sheets easily without the need to touch the steel at all. Plate lifting dogs or plate lifting hooks incorporate edges that slide under the steel, they are lifted by chains fitted to a hoist. During lifting the weight of the steel sheets ensures the dogs pull in firmly, holding the steel by the forces applied. Again, no or minimal handling is required.

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