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Crane and Hoist Radio Remote Controls

Need to operate your hoist or crane remotely? Buy a radio remote control system here

Crane and hoist radio remote controls enable the easy operation of overhead cranes and electric chain hoists from a safe distance. With a 100 metre line of sight operating distance they have none of the usual restrictions you get with a hard wired standard pendant control system. Now available from Lifting Gear Direct to suit most electric hoist and crane systems. Enhance your lifting gear set up today with a quality, cost effective radio remote control system.

Flex Base Radio Remote Control


About the Flex Base Radio Remote Control System Overhead cranes and electric ..

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About Crane and Hoist Radio Remote Controls 

Two key components are required for a radio control system, a transmitter and a receiver. The receivers are generally mounted to the crane or hoist whilst the transmitters are hand held.

When the function buttons are pressed on the hand held transmitter control panel a radio signal will be sent to the receiver panel where it is picked up by the infra red sensors to operate the crane as per selected command. In addition many models can be used with multiple transmitters for the same single receiver which is ideal for reducing downtime when the batteries run out – you can always keep a second transmitter ready to go.

Transmitter functions can often be programmed with the functions you need such as stop, start, brake &warnings, in the order you like and the transmitter to transmitter pairing enables data to be transferred from one to the other.

It is important that the receiver unit is in line of sight with the transmitter at all times. Receivers should be mounted as far away as possible from variable frequency devices so as not to interfere with the radio signal. There are usually a good range of radio channels available allowing you to switch to get a better signal if required. These will be located on the receiver unit; follow the user manual to find out how to change them.

Crane & Hoist Radio Controllers Available

Lifting Gear Direct can supply a fully compliant radio control system with numerous options to enable easy control of either an electric hoist or an overhead crane.

We recommend the Flex Base system which offers a choice of 4 or 6 button transmitter together with the lightweight MRX receiver unit, these are ideal for hoists. The other option is for an 8 or 12 button transmitter together with the Flex Base receiver unit, these are best suited to overhead cranes, but can also be used on hoists, and other powered lifting devices.

Each system incorporates multiple features for radio channel selection, programmable buttons, pairing options, receiver function changes and much more. You can find out many more details in the download tabs of the Flex Base Radio Control product page above.

Should you be looking for a hoist or crane, Lifting Gear Direct manufacture custom made Jib cranes and mobile gantry cranes and can supply overhead light crane systems, scaffold runway systems and a vast selection of electric hoists from key manufacturers, Yale, Liftket, Stahl and the ever popular CM Lodestar.

For help, advice or quotes you can either call us on 01384 76961 or drop your details and request onto an email in the rapid enquiry form or contact us page, the team will be happy to help.

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What can these radio remote controls operate?


What distances can the radio remote operate from?

Our hoist radio remote controllers can be operated from around 100 meters with a clear line of sight.

Are the remote control buttons programmable?

Yes they are, they come in various formats with either 4,6 8 or 12 buttons which can be set for different functions.

Does the Flex base radio remote system need wiring?

 No, it is a completely wireless system using advanced RF controls with numerous programmable channels.

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